Dalia Stenzler

Dalia Stenzler (Born Israel, 1955) is an author who has created and developed programs that are recognized worldwide.

She is the owner and CEO of the Yeadim Institute and Yeadim Animation & Games Co.  Her major projects include:  "Hafalopedia", a 12-volume encyclopedia of social and cultural activities; "Path of Light" - an educational program that was developed for Israel Electric Company, used throughout Israel by some 145 municipalities in some 1350 schools, which instructs children how to behave properly when using electricity both in terms of safety and conserving electricity.  In the framework of her work, Mrs. Stenzler has authored many books as well as children's games, an animated children's series (Ampiria Kingdom) and others.  Mrs. Stenzler is the Chair of the Trustees of the "Largerthan Life" charitable organization which supports children suffering from cancer.

The mother of two children, she is married to Efi Stenzler, Chair of the Jewish National Fund (KKL) and a former mayor of Givataim.



Starting out

Dalia Stenzler, nee Rosenstock-Rosen, was born in Petach Tikvah, Em HaMoshavot ("Mother of the Moshavot").  Her father, who was born in Germany, was an employee of the ministry of defense  and a diplomat, and her mother was a member of the Palmach (the elite fighting forces of the Jewish community during the British Mandate of Israel), and the daughter of one of the founding families of Petach Tikva, Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv and the first neighborhood outside of the walls of Jerusalem, a descendant of the family of Ibn Ezra and twelfth generation Israeli.   

As a young girl, she served as national president of the "Youth for Youth" organization and as the deputy world president of BBYO, B'nai B'rith's worldwide youth organization.  On completion of her IDF service in the IAF, she gained an undergraduate degree and then a Master's at Bar-Ilan University in the field of education, specializing in non-formal teaching and educational technology and communication.


Commercial activity

Having worked until age 26 at an institute that designed educational tools, Dalia Stenzler established the  Yeadim Institute  (1989) where her work won many prizes for the development of simulated games, which are her major expertise, among others, in competitions organized by Itel, the Technology Association for the Development of Games.  Stenzler has written and edited many books, articles and games.  Many of the programs she has developed have been a breakthrough in the pedagogical-community field and become widely acclaimed.  Among others, Stenzler has developed board games such as "The Enchanted Island", which has been sold all over the world.  Stenzler has also written children's books, among them: "Mischief in the Neighborhood", "Journey in the Land of Light" and others.  In 2011, Dalia established her company,  Yeadim Animation & Games , which is active in the international market.


Public activity

As the wife of the former mayor of Givataim, Stenzler has been very active in the establishment of charitable organizations, volunteer groups and philanthropic activity in the city.  She has also voluntarily initiated many educational programs.  She was one of the leading lights in the establishment of the forum for mayors' wives under the auspices of The Union of Local Authorities.  She has worked for years as a volunteer and pedagogical consultant for the education system of German Jewry, and in the development of young leadership in Israel and abroad.  She has also contributed as a volunteer to the development of Jewish summer camps overseas and in strategic and educational consultation to various committees of the Ministry of Education. 

As part of her work as the Chair of the Trustees of "Larger than Life" Stenzler is active as a volunteer organizer of gala fundraising evenings for children with cancer, and for expanding the activities in a variety of areas, such as support for the purchase of expensive medications, the establishment of a nursery-preschool for children with cancer, expansion of the support groups for siblings and other family members, etc.  As the wife of the Chair of Worldwide JNF, Stenzler currently helps with many fundraising efforts in Israel, lecturing in a voluntary capacity to women's groups and promoting awareness of JNF activities and the importance of its values.



Yeadim Institute – Established 1989 and involved in development, instruction and production of multimedia education programs leading to processes of change in organizations and institutions.  The Company has some 100 employees.  The Yeadim Institute specializes in the pooling of resources as a tool for launching of national projects, in modular development of a wide range of methods, tools and languages, and in the adjustment of developmental solutions.


Among the Company's leading projects is the "Hafalopedia" – an encyclopedia of social activities that was published in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, The Israel Association of Community Centers, the IDF, The Kibbutz Movement, The Jewish Agency, the Jewish National fund, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and other entities.  The Company has also produced the "Hafalotaf" – an encyclopedia of parent and child activities, which is part of the "Hafalopedia" directed for early childhood, "Methodopedia: - encyclopedia for methods.  Among the programs that have been developed over the years, "Challenges" is one that stands out – a combination of business and the community, it has been implemented with the cooperation of local municipalities; "Be nice to the tourist and the site" – an educational tourist program developed for the Ministries of Tourism and Education; "Birthright in the wake of the dream"- unique education programs for Birthright operators on sites such as "Rabin Square – A site as a visual text"; "Zippori – Jewish life across a foreign cultural expanse"; "the Israeli Business Center on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv", "Contemporary Israel: Zionist dialog on economics and society" etc.; Educational-marketing program for "MASA"; "The path of light" – a program that educates towards safe conduct in the electrical environment and savings in energy, while contributing to the preservation of the globe.  In this framework, tens of programs have been developed and this is happening at the initiation and under the leadership of Israel Electric Corporation, and in cooperation with The Ministry of Education and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel; the "Hafalomedia" method, which combines content and activity with advanced technologies for application in sites; Tok toy games – games for infants and children to develop personal skills using a talking doll – for the international market. 


YeadimAnimation & Games – Established 2011, the Company is involved with writing, producing and distributing of animated series and games for children and youth.  Since its establishment, the Company has been active mainly in producing the animated movie "Sparkeez".  The movie produced in partnership with "Aronnax" studios and Televix Co.  The Company is also involved in the development of empowering game applications for children on the worldwide market.