Welcome to The Dal-Hee Min Group

Department of Chemistry 

Welcome to the Biofunctional Nanomaterials lab.

 Our research interests encompass biotechnological multi-disciplinary topics based on the collective understanding  of the surface chemistry of biochips and nanomaterials to develop chemically well-defined tools for disease diagnostics, drug development, and drug delivery.


Materials side of the lab focuses on the synthesis and surface chemistry of nanomaterials (gold, iron oxide, graphene oxide, silica) and 2D substrates and applications in devices. Biology side of the lab emphasizes biological/analytical applications of the nanomaterials and 2D substrates in the areas of biochips, sensors, drug discovery and drug delivery system.



Keywords: Nanobiosensor, Biochip, Drug delivery  

Prof. Dal-Hee Min

Email: dalheemin@snu.ac.kr


  Address: School of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul, 151-747, Korea (ROK)