Dale Wisely has poems and short fiction published in America, Birmingham Poetry Review, National Catholic Reporter, Steel Toe Review, Oak Bend Review, Main Street Rag, blink|ink, Three Line Poetry, Boston Literary Review, Star*Lineand elsewhere.  Poems and stories appear or are coming online at The Poetry Storehouse, Fried Chicken & CoffeeUnFold, egg, Otoliths, Uut Poetry, The Montucky Review, Verbatim Poetry Review, Contemporary American Voices, Orion headless, Mobius, Drunk Monkeys, Truck,, Nanoism, Sleet, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Orange Room Review,  Red Fez, and elsewhere. He is the author of 2 print chapbooks, 6 Disorders of Sleep (2012, Flutter Press) and Visitation (2003, Mercy Seat Press).  Seven Stars, a narrative in 13 poems, is available online at the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature website.  A poem in that series was nominated for inclusion in the 2008 Best of the Net anthology. His poem "Wave" was published in Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers (Perfection Learning Press), a 2008 high school textbook.  A second poem, "The Work of Brothers," was included in a social studies textbook, Individual Rights: The Blessings of Liberty by the same publisher.  Dale is the founder, general editor and designer of the on-line literary journal, Right Hand Pointing.  With Howie Good, he co-founded and co-edits White Knuckle Press, a web outlet for prose poetry chapbooks. He founded and co-edits, with Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, One Sentence Poems. He also co-founded and co-edited the time-limited journals Left Hand Waving and cur-ren-cy. Upcoming is a chapbook with Howie Good, poems by Howie and images by Dale, due from Poetry WTF?!


I've been doing some things with poetry, video, and sound. Some narration, some music, some writing, some video-making. There's a group of several artists that contribute in various ways to these projects.


digital art & graphics by dale wisely

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the fall of saigon
cover art for Raymond Farr's Eating the Word NOISE (white knuckle)

cover art for Gary Sloboda's "Lottery's Children"

"Cataract" by Dale Wisely
cover art for Joshua Young's digital chapbook
"To the Chapel of Light"

"absent" (cover for upcoming online chapbook of poems by Howie Good)
(Gee, this never made it on the cover. Too bad.)

"abandon ship" (unpublished. except here.)

"rupee" by D.Wisely

cover by D. Wisely for digital chapbook by Josh Bernstein
(White Knuckle Press)

"Analog Memory" by Dale Wisely 
(right hand pointing)

"loving grace" by Dale Wisely
samizdat review (November 2011)

"downtown diving" by Dale Wisely
unpublished 2010

"Dreaming in Red" by Dale Wisely
abandoned concept for a book cover

click for larger version
"Damascus" by Dale Wisely

Dialogue and Appetite
by Dale Wisely, 2011
cover art for R. T. Castleberry's  "Dialogue and Appetite

"At the Ballet"  by Dale Wisely
cover art for Howie Good's book, "Little Tragedies" (graffiti kolkata)

"Durante" by Dale Wisely

"Love Dagger" by Dale Wisely
cover art for Howie Good's digital chapbook "Love Dagger"


Right Hand Pointing

Founder/General Editor. Online journal of poetry, fiction and art, on the web since 2004. Fiction is edited by F. John Sharp. Copy editing by F J ("Hawkeye") Bergmann. Going strong at www.righthandpointing.com

White Knuckle Press

A publisher of digital chapbooks of prose poems.  Co-edited with Howie Good.

One Sentence Poems

Co-edited with Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco and formerly with 
Robert Scotellaro. www.onesentencepoems.com. This thing has kind of taken off.


published poems & stories

Coming soon

A chapbook from Poetry WTF?! Poems by Howie Good, illustrations by Dale Wisely (2017)
New! Poetry WTF?!
        "Commands" (Remix of exorcism prayer and terms from Apollo moon program.) 2016, online)

New! The New Verse News

        "Schoolyard Retort with 14 Letters" (2016, online)

Drunk Monkeys

        "The Many Ways to Say 'Sorry' in Japanese" (2016, online, full issue here)


        "The Language of Winter and Love" (2016, online)

Fried Chicken and Coffee

        "A Wave of the Burger" (2015, online)
        "Harry Crews' Unfinished Novel" (2015, online)

Poetry Storehouse (2014, online)

She’s Not There (audio by author & Nic Sebastian) 

Fashion and Affliction
 (audio by author)
The Society for the Prevention of Something (audio by author & Nic Sebastian)
Balance (audio by author)
2036 (audio by author)

       "Quieter" (2014, print and online, p.27)

       1947 Journal
       "Houston, I Swear I Don't Have a Gun" (2014, online)

        Uut Poetry

All of my poems on Uut on this one handy page.

"Flagstaff" (2015, online)
"Emergency Treatment of Stubborn Stains" (2015, online)
"Damage" (2015, online)
"Dreaming of a Butcher: Found Poem" (2015, online)
"To Be Held at Least a Little More" (2015, online)
"Rusty McElwain on the Moon" (2014, online)
"9 Recent Technological Advances" (2014, online)
"11 Neurofunk Bands Named after New Diseases (2014, online
"Bootleg Waves Credible" (2014, online)
"Seppuko Collage" (collaboration with Howie Good), (2014, online)
"6 wild facts about lady gaga and despair" (2014, online)
"come back" (2014, online
"My Fellow Detainees, Their Medications, and Things I Know About Them" (2014, online)

Sleet Magazine
        "Fashion and Affliction" (2014, online)

Right Hand Pointing 10th Anniversary Issue
        "The Herd" (2014, online)

The Montucky Review
        "4 Car Wrecks" (2014, online)

Verbatim Poetry Review
 NEW"Dear Shirley" (w/ Manfred Gabriel, 2016, online)
          "Soil, Sand, Dust" (2015, online)
          "Things Omitted From Masses for the Dead" (2014, online)

6 Disorders of Sleep, a new chapbook of my poems, from Flutter Press. 2012.

RHP Found Poetry Issue
        "Dearest John" (2013, online)

UNFOLD magazine
        "Flight" (2013, online)

Mobius Magazine 
        "A Frontier of Ethiopian Transhumanism" (2013, online)

Orion headless (orionheadless.com)

egg (eggpoetry.com)
         "Fresh Air and Ritual" (2012, online)           
         "Balance" (2012, online)

        "Ink" (2012, online)
        "2036" (2012, online)

Dead Mule School of Southern Literature 
        "The Woods Unbounded" (2012)

Three Line Poetry, Issue 9 (2012)
        Untitled poem (online & print)

Deadly Chaps (In "Good, Sharp, & Wisely", a special issue of Short, Fast, & Deadly.)

        "Metaphor" (2012, online)
        "Television" (1-III, 2012) online)

Murder Your Darlings

        Untitled prose piece about grief (December 2011, online)

 by Otoliths

        "A Book of Saturdays,"  at Otoliths (November 2011, online.)


        "The Hippest Record Store in the World"  (September 2011, online)

Steel Toe Review

        "Tore Up" (Issue 6, 2011, online and in their 1st print anthology)

        "Treatment" (Issue 7, 2011, print only)
Short Fast & Deadly

        "Carbon" (Issue 78, 2011)

Three-Line Poetry 

        Untitled (Issue 1, 2011)
        Untitled (Issue 2, 2011)
        Untitled (Issue 9, 2012)

Boston Literary Magazine
        "No houses
(2011, print & online)
      "What we are waiting for" (2012, online)

  The Literary Burlesque (November 2010)
"Number me"
"Ionic Breeze" 

Contemporary American Voices (May, 2010)

"6 Disorders of Sleep"

Red Fez
         "6 Signs of the End Times" (2009)  
(Nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology by Red Fez)

Guerrilla  Poetics Project
"hypnic jerk" (broadside, 1000 copies, 2010)

"Break it Down" (2009)

The Orange Room Review 
"The High School Counselor at Target" (2009)

A very, very short story (2009)

 Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
"The Woods Unbounded" (2012) 
 Seven Stars, a narrative in 13 poems (2007, web chapbook, also presented here in a different format.)  Here are a couple of comments on it.

Oak Bend Review 
"The Beastie Boys" (web and print 2009)

Birmingham Arts Journal
"A Poem in Three Parts About Johnny Cash" (2005, print, pdf on the web)
"A Dream About Losing Things" (2005, print only)
Radiant Turnstile 
"6 Studies in Radiology" (2008)
"6 Possible Sources of The Hum" (2009)
 "Car Wreck" (2007, print & web)
 "Expedition" (2007, print & web)

Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Souls of the Faithful Departed" (fiction) (2007, web)
Podcast of above piece. 

6 Entries on Calyx" (2008, web)
"Buffalo" (2008, web) 

Foliate Oak
"6 Possible Sources of The Hum" (2008)

The Hiss Quarterly
"Animal Control" (2007, web)
"Sound Art" (2007, web, but link down at present)

Thunder Sandwich
"Aphids & Catholicism" (2005, web)
Onlooker's Delay" (2005, web)

Salt River Review
 "Girl From Anthropology" (fiction) (2004)

Blue Collar Review"
        "Sleeping Crane at Sparrow Point" (2003, print)
        "Mr. Davis Overhears" (2004,print)
National Catholic Reporter (print and archived on their website)
A Good Hour" (2003) 
"5:45 a.m." (2001) 
"This Place" (2001)

"The Work of Brothers" (2002)
Visitation" (2003)"
 "Spleen" (2002)
"Visitating My Brother" (2003)

Poet's Canvas
  " Blind Lemon Elephant"(2002, web)
The Poem Codes" (2002, web)

           "Aunt Florine (2001, print)
"Ashok in Atlanta" (2001, print)

Main Street Rag
"What People Are Talking About (2002)
America: The National Catholic Weekly (In print and archived on their website)
        " Akeldema" (2000) 

Birmingham Poetry Review

Death and Dying at Chik-Fil-A" (1997, print only)
Visitation (chapbook, Mercy Seat Press, 2 printings of 100 copies, 2003)


"Our Lady of the Damage Done" by Dale Wisely

"Tape Cartridge Rhonda" by D. Wisely

"Tulip Habit'
by D. Wisely

Butting heads with tape cartridge
by D. Wisely