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Inspiration Point to Hiker's Heaven

posted Jun 7, 2011, 12:52 PM by Krista F.   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 1:33 PM ]
Dad arrived in Hiker's Heaven yesterday around 2pm. He called me today to let me know how he has been. He sounded great. He said that Hiker's Heaven is really a piece of heaven. A retired couple runs a haven for hikers. They have bikes to borrow so hikers can go to town to eat. There is a shuttle to and from REI. They offer laundry help and a great tub to soak in. What more do hikers need :)

If you notice on the map there are two points very close together. He said even though he didn't get very far he had a 20 mile day hike. He told me while laughing that he misplaced the trail or that the trail had misplaced him. After that day of going in a VERY large CIRCLE he thought using more maps and his compass might be a good idea!

He also told me he might be featured in the LA times online edition! Last Saturday he was hiking with a group of people: Booger (a woman), Reverend (a guy who was ordained on the internet to marry a friend), Kiki (who thankfully had a GPS), Montana, Caddy Shack and Backyard boogie (a guy my dad's age from TN. That morning after staying at a boyscout camp Dad remembered hearing about a place to eat breakfast two miles off the trail. (Newcomb's Ranch BarThe thought of good food roused the crowd to veer from the trail. They started hiking down the highway when a trucker saw them and offered them a ride even though it is illegal. Just as they were loading the bags a patrolman slowed down behind them, rolled down the window, eyed them a little suspiciously and then smiled and said "Good Mornin". The group gave a nervous laugh piled in and got to the truck stop.

At the truck stop there were about 20 bikers and as they were walking to down the road with their gear there were people taking pictures of them. Once they got there they realized there was a reporter from the LA times taking down different stories of people at this truck stop that has just opened again after fire and rains that washed out the road up in La Canada Flintridge. The road just opened up the day before and the restaurant was opened for the first day since the 2009 Station Fire. What luck! Here is the article:,0,3789542.story 

The group of hikers all got chicken fingers and fries to go and spent the rest of the day hiking and eating chicken fingers! 

All in all a good time from this last trip. Dad leaves tomorrow morning for Hiker Town hostel.