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Here we go!

So I dropped my Dad off in the desert yesterday.... 

Does that make me a bad daughter? What if he wanted to go?... 

My dad is starting phase two of a three part hike that spans from Mexico to Canada. I, along with Jennie are writing this blog to journey along with him as he hikes the Pacific Crest Trail. 
We hope to share stories, learn more about the places he is visiting and keep an interactive map. 

My dad started this journey last summer and agreed (reluctantly at first) that he would take a little gadget that would let us all know where he sets up camp at night and where he sees something amazing. Last year my dad made good progress on his hike but it wasn't without some difficulties. First my dad started much later than most hikers. It was July when he got to the Mojave desert. It was hotter than hot and the trail angels along the PCT along with his family             convinced him that it was insane to hike the desert in July and there would be another opportunity to hike it next year. With the help of the trail angels who drove him north of the Mojave he skipped a large section of the trail that was under construction and desert. 

He then continued to hike until Kennedy Meadows where after an unfortunate fall into the melting snow he overextended his knee and needed to end his trip early. My dad is a trooper and has started this year with better equipment and more experience. He will start at the section he skipped and will then continue where he stopped last year. His hope is to get to Portland this year! 

If you would like to learn more about how this all started please visit last years blog at https://sites.google.com/site/dalesadventure/ 
Check out the journal to read the stories from the trail and some pictures. If you are new to the blog, go to the bottom of the journal and read upwards. It makes more sense if you read chronologically instead of the most recent first. 

Check out the map that has markers every time my dad checked in with his trusty Spot.

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