University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC)       - Clinical Professor in Computer Science (2013 - present)
- Lecturer in Computer Science. (1996-2013)
- Director of Undergraduate Recruitment in Computer Science (2006 - 2020)
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching (AET) 2017.   UIC campus-wide, nominated by department, then college. 5 awards out of ~1,940 faculty 
  • Teaching Recognition Program (TRP) Award 2005, 2013.   UIC campus-wide, self-nominated
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award 2008, 2014, 2016.  UIC College of Engineering 
  • Simon Outstanding Teacher Award 2007.  UIC College of Engineering , also nominated 2003, 2004
  • Faculty Teaching Award 2006, 2008, 2014, 2018.  UIC College of Engineering
  • Silver Circle Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2004. UIC campus-wide by student vote, nominations in 1998, 2002, 2003


  • Spearheaded UIC CS department undergraduate student population growth of 494% from 187 students to 1,100 students in the years 2005-2017, leading the national growth average by ~6%.  
  • Computer Science recruiting presentations to over 10,000 High School students from 2005-1012, in groups of ~30.
  • Coordinated departmental community-building activities: annual scavenger hunt, Stump-the-Profs
  • Managed development and printing of departmental brochure and promotional material.
Loyola University Chicago      1990 - 1995 - Assistant Professor in Computer Science. Northwestern University       1986 - 1988 - Instructor of Computer Science
- Teacher's Assistant: Named "Teacher's Assistant of the Year" in 1988.
Courses: Designed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses including: Discovering Computer ScienceSoftware Design (Java, C++, X-Windows), Artificial Intelligence (PROLOG, LISP), Operating Systems, Architecture, Introductory Programming, Programming Languages, Data Structures, Assembly Language Programming, Computer Ethics, Technical Public Speaking, many with a strong web-based component. See links to courses taught at


Ph.D. in Computer Science     December 1995
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Dissertation Title: An Assistant for Perceptual Tasks using Exemplar-based Learning.
Introduces paradigm using computer as a perceptual tool to make expert equalization adjustments to affect musical timbres. Implemented a working prototype.

M.S. in Computer Science      May 1987
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Recipient of a Walter P. Murphy Fellowship. Emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, and Automata Theory.
Thesis Title: A Rule-Based Inductive Learning System. Applied work to Othello game playing.

Bachelor of Arts     May 1984
North Park College, Chicago, IL
Double Major in English and Computer Science in 3 years.

Research Interests

CS Education, Educational Technology, Human Computer Interaction


  • Chicago Alliance For Equity in Computer Science (CafeCS) 
    National Science Foundation (NSF CNS-STEM  STEM+C)     2017 - 2021
    4 year $1M grant to provide high quality introductory CS education to every student within the Chicago Public Schools.  UIC portion $71K.
    Co-Pi along with Lucia Dettori (lead, DePaul), Steven McGee (The learning Partnership), Brenda Wilkerson and Don Yanek (CPS), Ron Greenberg and George Thiruvathukal (Loyola).  
  • CS Ed Camp 
    Google   2018 - 2019    
    $13K grant to hold Chicago’s Inaugural CS Education Unconference.  Held on the UIC Campus for over 60 Chicago-area CS teachers, June 29-30, 2018.
  • Accelerate ECS4ALL 
    National Science Foundation (NSF EHR/CISE STEM+C)     2015 - 2018
    3 year $999K grant to explore peer coaching models for Exploring Computer Science (ECS) teachers within the Chicago Public Schools.  UIC portion $132K.
    Co-Pi along with Lucia Dettori (lead, DePaul), Brenda Wilkerson (CPS), Don Yanek (CPS), Ron Greenberg (Loyola).  
  • Taste of Computing: Adding a CS Entree to the Education Choices in a Large Urban School District 
    National Science Foundation (NSF CISE/EHR CE21)     2011 - 2015
    4 year $750K grant to replicate the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum in the Chicago Public Schools.  UIC portion $56K.
    Co-Pi along with Lucia Dettori (lead, DePaul), Don Yanek (CPS), Ron Greenberg (Loyola).  
  • CS Scholars
    National Science Foundation (NSF DUE S-STEM)     2010 - 2015
    4 year $598K grant to recruit and offer undergraduate scholarships to Chicago-area CS students in traditionally underrepresented groups. Co-PI, wrote proposal and created promotional material. 
    Recruited and nurtured 27 Latino, African-American and Female CS students in their CS education at UIC, with 85% of them (23 of 27) going on to tech careers.
  • CS4HS Chicago
    Google,  2010 - 2013
    Spearheaded yearly conference for ~30 Chicago-area high school CS teachers with hands-on explorations of pedagogy and technology, energizing CS teachers and building links with university CS departments. $52K
    National Science Foundation (NSF EHR/HRD BPC-A)     2008 - 2010
    Improving Metropolitan Participation to Accelerate Collaborative Computing Throughput and Success (IMPACTS)
    18 month $60K grant to create and deliver CS interest-generating presentations at Chicago area High Schools. PI of UIC portion of collaborative research with Loyola (lead), IIT, UIUC.
  • C++ For Example (pdf),
    National Science Foundation (NSF EHR/DUE CCLI-EMD)     2002 - 2003
    Two year $75K grant to develop a comprehensive set of examples along with an intuitive web-based interface for use by students in an introductory programming class.
  • Web Science Curriculum Filter/Editor
    National Science Foundation (NSF EHR/DGE PFSMETE)     2000 - 2001
    Third year $50K grant following the NSF PFSMETE fellowship described below. Developed a web page annotator/filter for use in collaborative web-based curriculum design.
  • Research Fellow (pdf)
    National Science Foundation (NSF EHR/DGE PFSMETE)     1998 - 2000
    PFSMETE (Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education).
    Developed intelligent indexing tools for educational use on the Internet Created a web-based Personal Information Manager (PIM). $100K over two years. Worked with the NSF Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS) at Northwestern University's School of Education.
  • Principal Investigator, Project Director (pdf)
    National Science Foundation (NSF EHR/HRD SSC)     1992 -1996
    Loyola / Aspira Summer Science Camp
    Responsible for curriculum design, primary instruction, and recruitment, selection, training, and oversight for a yearly staff of 8.This $120K ($80K ‘92-’95, $40K ‘96) grant was a Bilingual (English/Spanish) intensive six-week full-time study and lab introduction to Computer Science hardware and software for 100 Latino middle school students. It included material normally not encountered until University-level Engineering courses and was an incentive for students to enter math & science based careers. Program resulted in increased interest in science, engineering and math careers for 90% of participants.It was the only program of its kind in the United States.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Department of Energy (DOE)     1991 -1995
    Loyola / Aspira Pre-Freshman Engineering Program
    This $80K grant ($40K ‘91-’93, $40K ‘93-’95) was the motivation for the above-mentioned NSF grant. It achieved national recognition and served as a model for new NSF & DOE grants, with a direct impact on 134 student participants.Provided training for Chicago Public Schools teachers.
  • Faculty Associate, National Science Foundation (NSF)     1989 -1991
    Loyola/NSF Young Scholars Program
    Taught one section of the Summer component of this grant for outstanding Chicago-area high school students, as well as an Artificial Intelligence seminar presented once a week for five weeks.
  • Miscellaneous     1992 - 1993
    Received $6K from Kraft and $9K from the Chicago Public Schools for computer equipment and curriculum development to enhance the above DOE and NSF programs


Conference Presentations, Panel Sessions, Reviews

  • "Memory Trainer" Nifty Assignment: Dale Reed.  CSTA Conference, July 2020.
  • "The Impact of CS for All on College Placement in Computer Science":  Ron Greenberg, Julie Medero, Samuel Rebelsky, Frances Trees, Dale Reed.  SIGCSE panel discussion summary, Portland, OR, March 2020.  (Conference Cancelled)
  • "Characteristics of Teachers who are Voluntold to Teach ECS":  Steven McGee, Lucia Detoni, Ronald Greenberg, Andrew Rasmussen, Dale Reed, Don Yanek. SIGCSE poster presentation, Portland, OR, March 2020.  (Conference Cancelled)
  • "Which Language" Nifty Assignment: Dale Reed and Joe Hummel.  CSTA Conference, Phoenix, AZ, July 2019
  • Curriculum Session Chair, CompEd Conference, Chengdu, China, May 2019.
  • "Standardizing Facilitator Development for Exploring Computer Science Professional Development": Steven McGee, John Wachen, Lucia Dettori, Don Yanek, Faythe Brannon, Andy Rasmussen, Dale Reed, Ron Greenberg.  SIGCSE poster presentation, Minneapolis, MN, March 2019.  
  • "Five Days that Transformed My Teaching": Patti Ordonez, Joanna Goode, Dale Reed. 2018 ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference, Orlando, FL, September 2018.  
  • "Number Guess" Nifty Assignment: Dale Reed.  CSTA Conference, Omaha, NE, July 2018.  
  • "Internet of Things:  Micro:bit": Valerie Curry, Dale Reed. Tech & Learning Live workshop, Chicago, IL, May 2018.
  • "AI in K-12: An Interactive Workshop": Faythe Brannon, Dale Reed. Tech & Learning Live workshop, Chicago, IL, May 2018
  • The Impact of AP Computer Science Principles: Are You Ready to Change Your Undergraduate Courses?
    Paul Tymann, Dale Reed, Chinma Uche and Carla Yarbrough.  SIGCSE panel discussion summary, pp. 465-466, Baltimore, MD, March 2018.
  • Invited address "Exploring Computer Science (ECS): From Chicago to Puerto Rico": Dale Reed. Puerto Rico CS4All Symposium, San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 2018.
  • "Equity and Social Justice: AP Computer Science Principles and CS for All": Lien Diaz, Owen Astrachan, Rich Kick, Dale Reed, Fran Trees, Chinma Uche. CSTA Conference, Baltimore, MD, July 2017.
  • "Computer Science: Coding and Beyond, CS as a graduation requirement in Chicago Public Schools": Michael Lach, Faythe Brannon, Don Yanek, Jeff Solin, Brenda Wilkerson, Dale Reed. Tech & Learning Live workshop, Chicago, IL, May 2017
  • Social Justice and Equity in CS Education
    Lien Diaz, Fran Trees, Dale Reed, Rich Kick, Andy Kuemmel.  
    SIGCSE panel session summary, pp. 653-654, Seattle, Mar. 2017. 
  • Content Consultant on the September 1, 2016 Scholastic Children's Book "Computers" by Christine Taylor-Butler.
  • "App Development for All": with Dave Hayes. SIGCSE workshop, Memphis, TN, March 5, 2016.
  • One-Day Activities for K-12 Face-to-Face Outreach
    Daniel Garcia, Wei Ding, Joseph Cohen, Barbara Ericson, Jeff Gray. 
    SIGCSE panel session summary, pp. 520-521, Kansas City, MO, March 2015.
  • "Using App Inventor in Introductory CS Courses": with Meimei Gao, Julie Johnson, Cate Sheller and Franklyn Turbak. SIGCSE panel session, Kansas City, MO, March 2015.
  • "AP CS Principles: Sneak Preview": with Baker Franke, K-12 Special Session, CCSC:MW Olivet Nazarene College, Sept 20, 2014.
  • Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA), Tutorial address on effective K-12 outreach in Chicago, IL, Mar. 29, 2014.
  • Invited Keynote Address: Computing Education in South Carolina summit, Columbia, SC,  Nov. 9, 2013.
  • "Collaborating for Success—Implementing ECS in Chicago and Beyond": with Gail Chapman and Don Yanek, CSTA 2013 Conference, Quincy, MA, July 2013. 
  • "Replicating 'Exploring Computer Science' (ECS)": with Gail Chapman and Don Yanek, SIGCSE Birds-of-a-Feather session, Denver, CO, Mar. 2012. 


Professional Development Mentor Facilitator,  ECS (2013-present)
Facilitator of week-long professional development sessions for Exploring Computer Science (ECS) in Chicago, Milwaukee, Richmond, New York, Miami, Golden, Tuskegee, Clemson, and San Juan.

College Board Development Committee Member, 2013 - Fall 2016
Team member refining curriculum framework and testing materials for new Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles Course, until launch in Fall 2016.

Professional Development Facilitator,  (2014-2015)
Facilitator of week-long professional development sessions for Exploring Computer Science (ECS) in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and New York.

Educational Consultant, McGraw-Hill  2012-2014
Host of iTeach Computer web site, generating content and growing membership to over 150 higher-education faculty.

Research Scientist, Odesta Corporation     1989 -1990
Applying Machine Learning Techniques to find non-linear relationships in large real world databases. Responsibilities include User Interfaces, Data Analysis, and Client Meetings.

Knowledge Engineer, Black Bear Inc.     1987 - 1988
Researched and implemented a stock-market forecasting Expert System for a Chicago Board of Options Exchange trading company. Used learning and knowledge- representation techniques developed during my thesis research.

Systems Quality Assurance Analyst     1984 -1985
Pansophic Systems, Naperville, IL - Designed and executed quality test programs for system software under multiple mainframe operating environments. - Developed methodology and performed product evaluations of PC software, submitting recommendations for decision-making in acquiring new companies.

Self-employed, Mexico City, Mexico     1979 - 1981
Operated a wholesale bakery business selling to bakeries and restaurants.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Chicago CSTA founding member
  • NCWIT Aspirations award coordinator for IL, 2012-13, committee member 2014-16
  • Chicago City Science Fair
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