bLADE Wiki: Zoom

Change the text size without having to go into the stylesheet every time 

Eyes a little tired? Why not zoom in?

The size of text displayed in the wiki is determined by a CSS stylesheet. But sometimes you might want to change the text size temporarily - without needing to have to go to the stylesheet and make a change:

  • Zoom in temporarily to make something easier to read
  • Zoom out to help get a bigger picture of a longer document


Desktop version

You can:

  • Click on the Zoom IN and Zoom OUT buttons
  • Use Ctrl-+ (zoom in) and Ctrl-- (zoom out)

This works in both Edit and View modes

Mobile version 

Click on Menu -> View -> Zoom in / out 

This works in Edit mode only. 


If you need to be able to zoom in View mode occasionally, you can send a page to the device Pocket Internet Explorer browser and use the Text Size feature on the browser.