bLADE Wiki: Syncing

Sync your wiki between a Windows computer and Windows Mobile device 

Using Microsoft ActiveSync

By default, the Mobile version of bLADE Wiki uses a wiki location in the mobile device's My Documents folder:

\\My Documents\WM_Wiki_Pages\ 

If you let ActiveSync sync your Files, then this will be synchronised automatically with your desktop activesync folder:

C:\Documents And Settings\YourUserName\My Documents\deviceName My Documents\WM_Wiki_Pages\


Using MobSync

If you want to store a wiki on your mobile device's Storage Card or MicroDrive, then you need to use a third-party synchronisation solution. (Microsoft ActiveSync currently only syncs to main memory).

Freeware software like MobSync can synchronise any directory on your desktop with any directory (including on Storage Card) on your PDA.

This lets you store larger wikis without filling your device memory - particularly if you include many images in your notes.