bLADE Wiki: Page templates

Set your own template to start off new pages

Creating new pages 

The page on Links describes how when you click on a link to a page that does not exist, the page is created for you.

By default, this page is an empty, blank page. 

But it doesn't have to be!

Setting a template for new pages

You can enter in any text to be used as a template for new pages. 

For example, I use links to create a menu system at the top of every page in my wiki, a little like this: 

So I use page templates to save me having to type this every time I create a new page:

[Finance]  ::  [Staff]  ::  [Current Projects]  ::  [Reference]


Note: Templates only apply for a single wiki location. This lets you have a different template for each section of your notes.

Desktop version

Use Tools -> Template for new pages... to show the template editor.  

Mobile version

Use Menu -> Edit -> Template... to show the template editor