bLADE Wiki: Moving pages

Changed your mind about where a page should live? 

Change wiki locations

Made notes in one wiki location but now decided that it needs to be filed away in a different one?

That's fine - you can move a page (or pages) to a different wiki location.

Desktop version

While in View mode... 

Click on Pages -> Move pages ... (or press Ctrl-M)

In the Move pages dialog: 

  • select the pages to move (from the list on the left)
  • select the wiki location to move pages to (from the list on the right)

You can use Ctrl- and Shift- clicking to select multiple pages from the page list on the left.

Mobile version

While in View mode...

Click on Menu -> Tools -> Move pages ... 

In the Move pages form:

  • select the wiki location to move a page to (from the list at the top)
  • select the wiki page to move (from the list at the bottom)