bLADE Wiki: Migrating from NoteStudio

Coming to Windows Mobile from Palm OS? Bring your NoteStudio notes with you... 

Palm OS to Windows Mobile

bLADE Wiki grew out of a homegrown approach to replace the NoteStudio personal wiki application for Palm OS PDAs - a fantastic application created by dogMelon Software.

This page contains some notes for people considering making the same move.

Differences between bLADE Wiki and NoteStudio

What bLADE Wiki features are new to NoteStudio users?

  • Images
  • Dynamically include pages within another page 

Which NoteStudio features are missing on bLADE Wiki?

What behaviour is different between the wikis?

  • Table syntax
    • bLADE Wiki: 
      • Lines must begin with |  
      • Table cells must be separated with | 
    • NoteStudio:  
      • Lines do not need to begin with |
      • Table cells can be separated with tabs
  • Page names
    • bLADE Wiki: 
      • Homepage is called "homepage" 
    • NoteStudio:
      • Homepage is called "Home Page"
  • Wiki data
    • bLADE Wiki:
      • Pages are stored as plain text files
    • NoteStudio: 
      • Pages are stored in an XML system designed to be read by NoteStudio  

Migrating from NoteStudio to bLADE Wiki

Moving NoteStudio wikis to bLADE Wiki 

NoteStudio plugins written in Python are included with the bLADE Wiki zip file. They export your NoteStudio book as a directory of text files that can be used in bLADE Wiki.

(Many thanks to Allan Davies and Laurent Burgbacher for improving on my first version of these plugins!)

bLADE Wiki settings to stay similar to NoteStudio

In Preferences

  • disable strike syntax
  • set other markup types to 'smart'
  • disable markup in external links


I am not a NoteStudio expert - I have not used it regularly for several months, and am unaware of any updates or changes to it since I last used it.

It is not my intention to misrepresent it in this page, however this page should not be used as a definitive description of NoteStudio's features. If you want to know what NoteStudio can do, please try it out!