bLADE Wiki: Markup links

Want to make your links look all pretty? 

Formatting external links

I often include external links with long URLs in my notes, and like to apply markup (underline, or mark as bold or italics) to sections of the URL for emphasis. 

For example, I can mark the domain name part of a URL in bold. 

by entering [http://www.*dalelane*] 

You can apply wiki markup to links the same as with any other text.

Handling links with markup characters 

Link markup means that if you have URLs with wiki markup characters in, you need to "escape" them (i.e. repeat the markup character twice).

To include a link to the webpage in a wiki page, you enter [] (escaping the equals character).

Disabling link markup 

If you:

  • want to be able to copy-and-paste URLs in without escaping them
  • don't need to be able to format sections of a URL

then you can disable this behaviour in Preferences

Desktop version

Click on Tools -> Preferences

Set Apply wiki markup in link URLs to Disable

Mobile version

Click on Menu -> Tools -> Preferences

Set IN HYPERLINKS to Disable