bLADE Wiki: Installing

How to install bLADE Wiki  

Installing the wiki


The desktop and mobile versions of the wiki do not depend on each other. You can use either one individually, or both together.

Download the app

The latest version of the wiki can be downloaded here.

You can read about the latest fixes and updates at (which also includes an RSS feed to keep you up to date).

Installing the desktop version

The file linked above is a zip file.

Inside is a 'windows' directory - unzip it to anywhere you want. Make sure that the DLL file and 'smileys' directory are copied to the same directory as the EXE file.

Installing the mobile version

The file linked above is a zip file.

Inside is a 'windows_mobile' directory, which contains a CAB file. Copy this to your Windows Mobile device and run it.

If prompted for where to install the wiki, choose 'Device' or 'Main Memory'.


  • If you have more than one web browser installed, make sure that Pocket Internet Explorer is the default
  • Make sure that Pocket Internet Explorer has the 'View' mode set to 'Default'.
    • Doesn't really matter if you don't - it just means that you get an annoying scroll bar at the bottom. The View mode needs to be set before the wiki is started.


bLADE Wiki does not write anything to the registry on either Windows or Windows Mobile.

It can be completely uninstalled by following the steps identified below.

Desktop version 

Delete the following files: 

  • Files unpacked from the install zip file
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\bLADE Wiki\

Mobile version

Uninstall using Windows Mobile 'Remove Programs' feature. 

If you need to delete the files yourself, bLADE Wiki can be completely removed by deleting: 

  • \Program Files\bLADE_Wiki\ 
  • \Windows\Help\bLADE Wiki.lnk 
  • \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\bLADE Wiki.lnk