bLADE Wiki: Images

A picture tells a thousand words... 

Include pictures with your notes

There are two approaches to including images in wiki pages:

  • Use a picture stored with your wiki pages 
  • Using pictures hosted on the Internet


Use a local picture  

1  -  Get a copy of the picture you want 

You can get an image in any format - including jpg, gif, png, and bmp.

2  -  Copy the image file to your wiki directory

Copy the file to the directory used by the wiki location that want the picture for.

3  -  Insert the image file name in [$ $] tags

In Edit mode, enter wiki markup to identify the image to display. 

Enter the file name, surrounded by [$ $] 

For example:

     Here is my picture --->   [$myphoto.jpg$]

     Here is a cartoon --->    [$mypic.gif$]        

Use a picture hosted online

Use raw HTML to display pictures with an IMG tag.