bLADE Wiki: External Links

Linking outside your notes... 

Link syntax 

The page on links explains that square brackets [ ] can be used to create links between pages.

You can also use the same syntax to create links that go outside the wiki.

Links starting with the following let you launch external web pages, open other documents, or send emails:

  • http://
  • https://
  • ftp://
  • mailto: 
  • file:///
  • Notes:// 

For example

[[file:///C:\mydocs\workflow.doc][open workflow doc]]

[[][email Mickey]] 

Highlighting external links 

You can use the stylesheet to specify that these external links are formatted differently to normal links to other pages - making it easy to tell at a glance what a link is before you click on it. 

Syncing links to files between desktop and mobile

Note that the paths used in links to files might not make much sense when synced between desktop and mobile versions. 

To help with this, start file links with the $ character to dynamically insert the directory of the current wiki location.  

For example

[[file:///$code_standards.doc][Code Standards doc]]


Copying the files "code_standards.doc" and "my_cv.doc" to the directory used to store the current wiki will let the above wiki markup open those files. 

By copying the files to this directory, it also means that the files will be synced between the desktop and mobile wiki.