bLADE Wiki: Bookmarks

Jump back to your favourite and most referred-to pages 


Bookmarks are a quick way to jump to a page without having to navigate to it through the wiki pages.

It works just like your web browser "Favorites" or "Bookmarks". 

Desktop version

The Bookmarks menu item shows your current bookmarks. Click on an item to open the wiki to that page. 

  • Bookmark This Page (or Ctrl-D) - add the current page to your bookmarks list
  • Manage bookmarks... - launch a dialog letting you delete unwanted bookmarks or change the order of the list

Mobile version

The Menu -> Bookmarks menu item lets you control your bookmarks.

  • Add to bookmarks - add the current page to your bookmarks list
  • Show / Delete bookmarks - launch a dialog letting you use your bookmarks or delete unwanted bookmarks

Different shortcuts for different tools

The pages that you want to access quickly while at your computer may be different to the pages you need to access quickly while mobile.

As such, your bookmarks are not synced between Desktop and Mobile versions.