bLADE Wiki: Windows Mobile toolbars

A couple of features on the Mobile version to make life a little easier 

Features on the Mobile version

There are a couple of extra toolbars on the Windows Mobile version to help save you a little effort...

Symbols bar

Having trouble entering in the wiki markup characters? 

Use the Symbols Bar to enter some of the more common ones - just click on the button for the syntax you want.

While in Edit mode...

Click Menu -> Edit -> Symbols Bar to show the symbols bar.

Do the same again to hide it. 

Paragraph formatting will be added to the start of the current line. 

Inline formatting will be added at the cursor point (unless some text is highlighted, in which case the formatting will surround the highlighted text).

Buttons Bar

Taking you too long to access some of the common functions from the soft-key menus?

Use the Buttons Bar to access the most common 'View mode' functions - just click on the item you want.

While in View mode...

Click Menu -> View -> Buttons Bar

Do the same again to hide it. 

Pressing the buttons does the following...