bLADE Wiki: Run from a USB memory stick

Run the wiki as a portable application

Where settings normally live? 

By default, settings and configuration files are stored in a folder under your %APPDATA% directory. This means that it doesn't matter where you run the application from, you still keep your preferences and history. 

It also means that the application can be used by different users on a single computer but with each user having their own settings store.

Running in portable mode 

An alternative way to run the application is in portable mode where settings and configuration files are stored in the directory where the application is run from. This makes it suitable for running from a USB memory stick.

To do this, run the application with the -portable option  

    "bLADE Personal Wiki Desktop.exe" -portable

A shortcut can be created to make this easier to do repeatedly.

Important Note 

Note that .NET 2 Framework will still need to be installed on any machine that you run the application on.