Dale Complete Landscaping Price List

At this time, if you are not a client and need material just dropped off sadly, we just don't have the time: 
(gardening, erosion control, landscaping....).
Our monthly lawn clients pay for us to be available. 

Sod & Plugs & Turf per pallet we deliver
February - May is only time we lay new sod.
Sod priced on website is only 1 sod pallet and delivery.
Labor and installation priced separately.

Dale Complete Landscaping does not except responsability for sod unless we lay such product.
Nor do we warrenty the sod if we do not put the sod down or lay new turf.
 (Sod installation provided by Dale Complete Landscaping comes with 20 day warranty).

Dade City   Land o Lakes   New Tampa   Richland  San Antonio  St. Leo  Wesley Chapel   Zephyrhills      
(We only install Bermuda or Empire or Bahia)
  • St. Augustine Floratam : Establishes quickly, plush and adaptable:  $350.00
  • St. Augustine Palmetto : Thrives in shade, exceptional dark green color, requires less irrigation: $350. 00
  • St. Augustine Sapphire : Drought tolerant, great wear resistance, soft texture: $350.00
  • St. Augustine Bitter Blue : Cold tolerant, fine texture, shade tolerant:  $350.00
  • Empire Zoysia : Heat tolerant, No chinch bugs, excellent wear: $320. 00 normally
  • Celebration Bermuda : Thrives in heat and humidity, wears extremely well$320.00
  • Bahia : Inexpensive and Hardy: $300 
  • Sod & Plugs: (Per Pallet) New to market: Ecoturf or Peanut turf. (Call for pricing)
  • Delivery: $250
We do not carry any St. Augustine in stock anymore due to not a great type of grass. We can still get it, but will 
not insure it. The owners of Dale Complete Landscaping have decided to still insure the Zoysia, Bermuda, 
and or all Bahia installations for 20 days if installed by Dale Complete Landscaping.
If you are a current customer you may have more options available to you. 

Sod Dale Complete Landscaping Installs

DCL specializes in Empire Turf. We have been Laying this sod for since 2008. We offer the best price on Empire Turf, 
and best results.Lush lawn - cost effective lawn - weed resistant lawn - green lawn - heat tolerant lawn - beautiful lawn - 
low maintenance lawn - low fertilizer lawn - empire lawn - empire grass - cost effective lawn
- money saving lawn - drought tolerant lawn - drought resistant lawn - drought fighting lawn -
wear tolerant lawn - quick repairing lawn - low mow lawn -  lawn that will come back after drought -
lawn that resists weeds - zoysia lawn - zoysia grass - lawn from sod - fungus resistant lawn - chinch bug resistant lawn -
attractive turf - attractive grass - low chemical lawn - cold tolerant lawn - cold hardy lawn - 
warm season grass - insect resistant grass - disease resistant lawn

Dale can get and deliver all above sods, but may opt to use a shipping method alternitive to use of our trucks that requires us of hiring a company to drop off such product directly to you the custumer. We are not liable for their actions. Please let us know two days before delivery so we can set up best time to cut sod from fields and deliver fresh to your home.

More pictures coming....

Smokers/ Grilling
Dade City   Land o Lakes   New Tampa   Richland  San Antonio  St. Leo  Wesley Chapel   Zephyrhills  
Cubed, stacked, small wood 
Can get other wood, just have to ask because limited supply. 

Mulch/ Materials
Dade City   Land o Lakes   New Tampa   Richland  San Antonio  St. Leo  Wesley Chapel   Zephyrhills 

Labor to spread or disperse Material not In
cluded in price.
Delivery is included in price. Priced separately.
The price below is only priced for each product per yard

A. Pine bark, nuggets 

  • Brown: $90.00
  • Red: $160.00

B. Shredded Cypress Mulch

  • Gold:$97.00
  • Red $90.00
  • Brown $90.00
  • Child Safe: $185,00
  • Black: $105:00
  • Eucalyptus Mulch: $160.00
  • Pine straw:$75.00
C. Rubber Mulch
  • A. Rubber Mulch: $450-$900 a bag depending on color and grade

Dade City   Land o Lakes   New Tampa  San Antonio  St. Leo  Wesley Chapel   Zephyrhills 

Labor to spread or disperse Material not In
cluded in price.
Delivery not included in price. Priced separately.
Tax not included.

The price below is only priced for each per yard.
Email for pricing as it changes.
Fill Dirt                                                  
Potting Soil                                      
Silica Sand                                                 
Leveling Sand                                
Lime Rock
Rip Rap
Lava Rock
Blue and white driveway stone
Red and black driveway stone
DOT road base
½" Brown Mexican Beach
1" Brown Pebble

1½" Brown Lava Black

¾" White Lava Red

1½" White ½" Brown

Red Lava Rock 1" White

#57 L ime Rock 1-3" White

Rip Rap Septic

Stepping stones

River Slicks

Flag Stone
Flag Stone for fireplaces and walls
Mountain Stone for waterfalls
Brook Stone For rivers and streams

Fire lite
River Gravel
Marble chips

Marble C hip
Brick for walkways and driveways

Stone for pool decks
Boulders for accenting
Natural Cobble Stone
Hay Wheels

Pine Straw cubes

Cedar bark stone

We have over 80 varieties of bulk and bagged aggregates used for, ground cover, driveways, walkways, French Drains, plant beds and more. We offer a large variety of native and exotic bulk material.
Dade City   Land o Lakes   New Tampa   Richland  San Antonio  St. Leo  Wesley Chapel   Zephyrhills  
(Labor and delivery not Included in price.)
Call for estimate for putting together and install of new edging.

Railroad Ties:
9" x 7" x 8'-8½' : $57.50
Plastic Edging: (Call for pricing)
Aluminum Edging 
A. Silver 28.60 per piece
B. Black:39.80
per piece
Brick Edging (many styles available) $4 .00

Plants/ Floriculture & Statues
Dade City   Land o Lakes   New Tampa   Richland  Wesley Chapel   Zephyrhills 

Plants & Statues: 
• If it grows in zones 8-10. Dale Complete Landscaping either has it or can find the dream plant you have in mind and will price accordingly.
  • Statues and Pots. We are creating a inventory page. We have a vast knowledge base of resources available to us full of Statues, Outdoor grills, Garden Pots, and other. Think of us as a massive catalog. Again, working on a massive data bank full of options for property.
  • Plants have a 20 day warranty from point of put in soil. Before warranty up will replace plant for free. There is a disposal fee though tacked on for disposing of the dead plant.

In 2017, Dale Complete Landscaping made a friendly alliance with Wasley Chapel Lawn Care to offer more dependable service options for our clients. Please visit: Wesleychapellawn.com for your lawn mowing needs. Both Dale Complete Landscaping and Wesley Chapel Lawn Care service are licensed and insured. To find out more please feel free to visit the new lawn website: http://wesleychapellawn.com

Specialized Hourly Packages:

Hourly allows you to get our best PKG every time!

All Hourly & minute rate packages are two be yearly contracts.

Please email to find out more information.


  1. Pink hourly service - "Flowering Plants."
  2. Orange minute service - Koi fish feeding and general maintenance. 
  3. Teal hourly service - "Roses."
  4. Brown hourly Service - "Veggie Gardens.
  5. White: Lawn service based off minutes timed from passed location as a time starting point and ends when leave your property.
  6. Green Hand weeding.

Dale Complete Landscaping Services:

1.     Take green incentive when doing anything on clients’ property: Free.

2.     Palm trimming starts at a possible price of $65 per palm tree (Discard of debris priced separately.) 
Email for estimate.

3.     Tree trimming please Email for Estimate. There are some palm or trees that are out of our reach and will pass on the job. You save and price changes when quantity increases.  Does not include removal or labor.

4.     Hedge or shrub shaping starts at a possible price of $50 per cleaning or shaping depending on quantity. Crews will pick up 85 percent of debris. Wet leaves make it hard. There are some hedges or shrubs that are out of our reach. Email for

5.     Sprinkler repair or test lines please Email for estimate.

6.    Toys in yard picked up. Email for estimate.

7.     Interior gardening starts at a possible price of $100. Email for estimate.

8.     Exterior gardening starts at a possible price of $45. Email for estimate.

9.     68 percent of leaves picked off lawn per bushel starts at a possible price of $60. Email for estimate.

10.   Entire property clean up starts at a possible price of $85. Email for estimate.

11.   Home setup for return (A wood Fire lit or turn on AC...). Email for estimate.

12.   Newspaper brought to the front door: starts at $7 per Week. Email for estimate.

13.   Dog or excrement removal of lawn starts at a possible price of $3. Email for estimate.

14.   Edible Landscaping. Email for estimate.

15.   Grass picked up starts at $60. Email for estimate.

16.   Cut flowers starts at $35. We provide container. Quantity varies. Email for estimate.

17.   Customized Landscaping plans. Email for estimate.

18.   Customized Lawn packages. Email for estimate.

19.   Customized Plant hand tool plans. Email for estimate.

20.   Hurricane clean up. or clean up in general. Some jobs may be to big for us. Email for estimate.

21.   Mulch maintenance. Email for estimate.

22.   Rock maintenance. Email for estimate.

23.   Garden instruction. Email for estimate.

24. Garden installation.

25. Sod installation. Email for estimate.

26. Oak wood cut and stacked/ cured stacked. Email for estimate.

27. Hand pulling weeding {72 percent pulled up}. ($$$$)

28. Trail clearing. Email for estimate.

29. Feed koi. Email for estimate.

30. Drainage. Email for estimate.

31. Erosion control. Email for estimate.

32. Our subsidiary lawn company has a wide range of services offered. wesleychapellawn.com

33. Pool gardens. Email for estimate.

34. If you installed a slide and rock face kit, we can install a living garden on the faux rock. Email for estimate.

35. Have done, but do not like to do wall handing gardens or eco systems. lots of components.  ($$$$$)

36. Small to complex putting greens with real turf or fake turf. (underground pvc piping) Email for estimate.

37. Landscape Staging estimate-

  • Lawn consulting ($25 hour)
  • Landscaping consulting ($55 hour)
  • Property consulting for staging or future events or other. ($85 hour)
    • Interior and exterior seasonal potted planters that range from vases to large pots.
    • Interior fresh cut bouquet of flowers
    • Exterior clean up.
    • Exterior gardan clean ups and removal
    • Seasonal hanging planters.
    • Seasonal perennial flowers planted
    • Lawn repair.
    • Landscaping installation of plants or mulch or crushed rock.
    • Garden maintenance.
    • Pruning.
    • Lawn and landscaping maintenance packages.
    • Bulb (plant) installation

Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service
Residential & Commercial Lawn mowing, Field mowing,  Bushhog

   Residential & Commercial property management

     Non profit and or Government property management



Free Estimates for non staging. Hours may change as season hits: April -August 2 hour difference.
We try to be available by email at such times:

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Dale, the owner is available by phone: 813-479-8284

You may have to leave a message, but Dale is very good about getting back to you. It is best to give a detailed message, so he may have the best immediate response. Would rather email over phone with explanation of why calling you might be calling. This way it is easier to understand by word and not by tone or voice. We want to hear your voice correctly and want all communications to be over email so that we can clearly hear what you are asking for. Thank you. If you find that you do not use email for communication we have slight issue as to we at Dale Complete Landscaping mainly communicate through email and hangouts. Phone unless to set up service is old fashion. Email communication is on paper and easier to file. Paperless is they way we work for most part. All receipts are sent electronic and can pay through bill pay or card with fee or check or money order.