Why is this so?

posted Dec 4, 2018, 4:57 PM by David Alan Binder

Why is this so?


There are many things that exist and no one knows why.  In some cases, those things are created and the creators do not know why there are peculiarities in those items that they create.


Case in point.


At the place where I work, we have electronic systems in place for recording our time.


This saves routing of paper and signatures, etc.  However, my particular group, a whole department, did not use the electronic system.  We used paper.  We’d fill in our time, print it out, sign it and scan it and digitally send it to a “secretary”, then she would enter the time and / or leave requests (that were also submitted, signed, scanned and digitally sent).  She would enter that time into an electronic system and then the manager would electronically approve those documents.


Very archaic.  Why did they do that?  There are people who are not sure for those reasons, they just were and we all went along with it like sheep.  After all our masters decreed it and we had no choice.


Our new manager wants things electronic, so we electronically enter our time and it gets sent to him for electronic approval and the “secretary” has a lot less to do, at least, can direct their efforts to other pursuits.  A lot less tedious and burdensome.


Now the electronic system, which has been around for 8 years or more, has some oddities within it.


I entered my vacation to start on Wed. Nov. 21 and then wanted to take three days the following week off.  I entered a leave request electronically and it was approved.


That digital system put in vacation for Thanksgiving (a holiday) and the Friday after (another holiday).  That was incorrect and would be incorrect for a day of vacation to be entered or requested on top of a holiday, for a salary person like me always.

Why is the system set up this way?  Why does the system not know our standard company holidays?  The programmers who set up the system were myopic or did not see that eventuality.


They needed a fresh pair of eyes or did not test the system enough under all circumstances.  Many of our operating systems and digital systems that we use are essentially “beta” systems.  Not thoroughly tested or vetted.  Those systems rely on users like us to thoroughly test them and let them know of nuances or “bugs” or errors in the system.


Yeah, I know, it is very wrong.  But it exists.


Let me be another set of eyes for you.  Use me to “beta” test your article or manuscript.  I’ll help you find those things that you cannot or are too close to see.  It does not mean you did not try to ensure complete correctness.  Sometimes we just need a fresh pair of eyes.


Let me help.  I look forward to hearing from you.