Who is your god?

posted Oct 28, 2018, 10:17 AM by David Alan Binder

Who is your god?


This is a tongue in cheek question.  I am being both serious and at the same time questioning our society.


If you have too much of anything then your priorities change.


I recently heard on some show that I was watching, that billionaires do not want money they want power.  So with all that money they purchase influence and therefore purchase power over people, media, politicians, laws, etc.


So I am establishing that too much of one thing is not good.


Too much sugar results in cavities and diabetes maybe other health risks.

We need sugar and fat and carbs and protein but if you eat too many carrots one can turn orange; well, not orange but change your skin color.  (We accidently did that with our first child.  He loved baby food carrots and so the wife fed them to him very often.  He started turning yellowish.  He did not get to orange but we found out that the beta-carotenes was changing his color.)


Look at the directions of your life.  Is there some activity that is overwhelming the rest of your life?  If so then that is your “god”.  This is what I mean by, who or what is your “god”.  I am NOT referring to religion or the supreme being by whatever name you would use.


If you were to see, lots of people take a piece of paper out of their pocket every time they have a little spare time.  Like at a stop light, waiting in line to purchase tickets or groceries.  At the dentist, doctor, walking down the street.  Then you’d think, wow, that piece of paper is really important, wonder what is written on it that they are always referring to it?


You can see where I am going with this.  Lots of people are full blown addicts to their smartphone.  Constantly connected to the internet or social media.  That is becoming our children’s “god”.


It is a crisis of biblical proportion (meaning it is extremely large not religious).


The endorphins and brain waves are constantly being conditioned by social media and connectivity.


I was not born with that but I have learned it in my adult years.  Sometimes it is difficult to put it down.  And if I have learned that behavior later in life then you can imagine how automatic it is for children raised on tablets, interactive games (even learning games), cell phones, etc.


This is where you put your own conclusion and think about the influences in your life and if one influence or another is overriding the other parts of your life.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder