Which is better black or white?

posted Jan 31, 2019, 3:43 PM by David Alan Binder   [ updated Jan 31, 2019, 3:43 PM ]

Which is better black or white?


Context is king.  In this case, one would ask questions to define the context of the question and maybe gather clues to the intent of the questionnaire or questioner.


Without any clarification then one might proceed in one of the following questions.


Black in a shirt may not work well for the wearer of it if they have flaking and dandruff issues.


White in a shirt may denote purity or may work to really show of what is printed on it, on the other hand if one is not careful white shirts can stain with sweat, or sauce or what have you.  I almost never use white shirts when performing yard work since they do not fare well in working conditions for me.


Black is good for shirts to enhance what is printed on them if printing is in white or yellow or pink or bright colors that will stand out. 


White is a good paper or background color since most people are used black print or dark print on a light or white surface. 


Black can sometimes be a good paper or background color if the print is of an acceptable light color or brighter color that will show.  It has a good contrast and quite a different contrast.  I personally do not like to read a medium color printed on a dark background it is too difficult for my eyesight.

White in car color can help reflect the sun but may show dirt fairly easily.  But if clean can look very good.

On the other hand black in a car color can soak up the sun and be potential warmer inside when it is cooler outside.  In the summer, unless it has an excellent air conditioner, it can heat up the interior quite a lot.  (Note, I live in a desert area where temps get very high 90s and 100s so black in the desert is not that great.)  When clean a black car can look very stylish, macho and with a fierceness that some other cars cannot match.  Black cars show dust and when streets are wet and slushy show that easily, I know, I used to own a black car and it had to be washed constantly.  So I determined that I would never buy another black car.

White cars can show tar and road oils easily.  I know I owned a white car and on a visit to her uncle and aunts summer place we drove down an oiled road in summer and it trashed the exterior of that white car.  I worked many hours to get that oil off.  I avoid oiled roads but that may be a thing of the past since I don’t think they do that anymore.  I do know road maintenance can include a tar like substance for filling cracks and I’ve gotten that mess on my cars more than once and it is a pain.


This is just an exercise in thinking.  There are no right and wrong answers.  Think about the question, which is better black and white and think of how you might answer and some of the answers you may come up with.


Writers need to be able to see both sides.  Writers need to be able to justify why characters do this or that and knowing how to answer the above question from multiple points of view will help you be a superior writer.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder



And the list goes on and on.