What Beats At the Heart of All Fine Writing?

posted Jan 27, 2019, 10:19 AM by David Alan Binder

What Beats At the Heart of All Fine Writing?

“We all share the same crucial human experiences. Each of us is suffering and enjoying, dreaming and hoping of getting through our days with something of value. This is why when you ask yourself, "If I were a character in these circumstances, what would I do?" the honest answer is always correct.

You would do the human thing.

The more you penetrate the mysteries of your own humanity, the more you come to understand yourself, the more you are able to understand others.

When we survey the stories created by Shakespeare, Homer, Austen, Hemingway and Dickens, we realize they were all born of a single humanity.”

Quoted from Robert McKee’s email to me.


Thanks Robert, David Alan Binder