We all operate under labels

posted Jan 13, 2019, 9:48 AM by David Alan Binder

We all operate under labels.


Some of the labels that I have are writer, big brother, father, screw up, son, stumbler, leader, teacher, bumbler, coach and follower and there have been many others.


Those labels not only sometimes define us but sometimes they confine us into a box that we do not chose.


Stefan Molyneux has a complete podcast on the subject.



Labels are hard to overthrow, outgrow and get dismissed.


Do NOT let labels define you.  Just keep working under the premise that you have no labels and you are establishing new labels. 


Do not let them CONFINE you.  They are a prison that can hold you back.


If you get the label clumsy then every incident involving clumsy even if years apart may cling to you.


Just shrug it off, laugh it off, and just live on without it worrying you.


Just operate under your new paradigm and let those labels eventually fall away.


It will be refreshing to not hold yourself back and others will eventually see the new you.


It is a new year and a new day for all of us. 


Enjoy the new you.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder