Rabbits can be Deadly

posted Jan 30, 2020, 10:04 AM by David Alan Binder   [ updated Jan 31, 2020, 9:08 AM ]

Rabbits can be Deadly


That may seem like a stretch, so let me explain.


Have you heard the expression, "going down a rabbit hole"?


It means when you imagine a situation that you are thinking about, such as reaching out to your sibling.  Now this sibling and you have varied history and sometimes the sibling is nice and sometimes not very nice at all.  So you are talking about this sibling and think or say things like, "if this sibling does this, then I'm going to do that" and you think of two or three scenarios.


Think about it.  You have just put yourself into two or three scenarios that you don't even know are going to happen, you just think they may happen due to the way that sibling has behaved in the past.  Sometimes we can predict behavior, sometimes it may be quite different and may even surprise us.


However, YOU have just actually in your mind had all two or three scenarios acted out and rationalized and your mind just reacts and there are the emotions and the adrenaline and the reality all built up in your mind since sometimes your mind does not realize that this is supposed to be just a simulation not the real thing.


You have followed a rabbit down the rabbit hole and now you are on their territory.  This is what they live for, to hide, and run, and dart around while you are frantically looking for that rabbit to get it.


No such luck, that rabbit has so many hiding places and scenarios and traps that your mind can go on for quite a while not realizing that there is no rabbit, there is no hole, there is no threat, there is no argument, there is only that you speculate might happen.


That kind of thinking is ruinous and dangerous to you only.  It does not help the situation, your sibling is totally unaware of these hoops you are making yourself jump through.


Please don't go chasing rabbits.  Try to stop yourself by saying to yourself, "Well that's wait and see what happens then I will develop a strategy to handle exactly what happens not two or three that most likely won't happen.


We are imperfect predictors and therefore need to let life just come to us and then we deal with what life, our family, our siblings, our neighbors, our coworkers have for us to act upon.  Our reactions are only needed when there is an actual situation.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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