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Last night we went to a local sushi restaurant to eat as a birthday celebration for one of our family members.

It was interesting since if you are not familiar with chopsticks they offer the use of "trainers" to help you get to use chop sticks.

There are a variety of "trainers" even some people use rubber bands.  The idea is to hold the chop sticks together for you so all you have to do is spread them and then clamp them on your food.

Here is a picture of one variety:

So now you see it and get the idea.  Very innovative and helpful for those of us that does not take readily to chop sticks.


My observation the next day to my wife was, "it would be nice to have trainers for more things in life than chop sticks."


Training wheels are available for those people who are learning to ride the bicycle.  (I learned to ride the bike without trainers and it was extremely painful.)

I am sure there are other trainers available for other things it life they are just not coming into my mind right now.

It would have been nice to have a trainer for the first time I went to kindergarten.  I remember clinging to my mom and crying since I did not want to go without her.

I'd have loved to have a trainer for learning to parent.  Especially in those instances where a parent has to learn when to let a baby cry and when to try and get her or him to stop.  That is very difficult for first time parents.

There are just sometimes when you'd love to have someone ease your way into a particular part of life when that extra comfort would help us to learn gradually and less painfully some lessons in life.

You may think of other things that it would be nice to have trainers for.  Guides and lessons and all kinds of helps are available now through the internet and if you are not using them, then you are silly for not taking advantage.


The hard part is sorting out the useful from the dross.  And that takes time and experience and maybe a trainer for that would be useful.

What do you think?  Any ideas or suggestions or thoughts?

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