Tips for life and writing

posted Jun 14, 2019, 10:56 AM by David Alan Binder

Tips for life and writing

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Relationships must be easy to maintain.  If the relationships you have are not easy to maintain then are those relationships worth the effort? Examine all relationships by this method and sever the ones that are not worth maintaining.  If you are doing all the work to maintain a relationship it is not a relationship, it is a drain on your energy and your resources.


Only actions can define you.  Goals, hopes, dreams, faith, wishes, planning, thinking, talking, bragging and any form of non-action only defines you as doing nothing.


Define and feel your emotions.  It is allowed for you to be and feel happy, sad, cry, despondent, (worry is not an emotion), angry, jealousy or any other emotion.  This is part of you being in the now.  If that emotion lasts for too long, then you are wallowing.  Wallowing is only permitted if you are happy, glad, feeling good, anything positive.  No wallowing allowed with any negative emotions.


Live in the now.  The past is baggage that drains your energy.  If you live in the past then you are not living.  If you worry about the future then you are not living.  Live in the now.


No one else can make you do anything or feel anything.  You allow yourself to do those things or feel those things.


Think of the way your mother or father treated you as a child.  If one of them treated you badly as a child then if they treat your children (their grandchildren) differently than you then the subtle message is.  “When you were a child, I (the parent) treated you bad but your children are better than you and I (the parent) am treating them differently and that is your fault not theirs (the parent).”


It is acceptable to examine the past so that you can correct errors in others behavior and so that you don’t perpetuate (the abuse, yelling, lying, cheating, etc.).


Learn from other people.  One of the most important things I’ve learned is that when using the restroom use a paper towel or tissue to open the door to leave.  Every person who uses a restroom whether they wash their hands or not use the door handle.


Use non-aggression principles in your life.  No yelling, hitting, abuse.  It will be a wonderful experience for others and yourself.


It is okay to treat each of your friends, relatives, children or grandchildren differently.  They are individuals and so that is acceptable, as long as it is also equitable and fairly.


Set boundaries for yourself and your relationships.  Do not allow any abusive behavior or detrimental treatment of yourself or others.  Lack of boundaries sets you up for accepting unacceptable behavior. 


Questions everything.  Including those things that are unquestionable.  Religion, values, etc.  Question those things, decide for yourself, and don’t follow along just because others think it is a good idea.  Careful of the all or nothing mentality that some “systems” will try to enforce.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder.


Feel free to modify any or all of these ideas above and let me know of any feedback you may have on these or if you’ve thought of others.  It would be very interesting.  I am still learning from others every day.