Thin Air

posted Sep 11, 2018, 3:28 PM by David Alan Binder

Thin Air


Just so you know, there is a term called “Thin Air”.  It is also scientific and magic.  The scientific explanation comes from

The “thin” air at high altitudes has considerably less oxygen and pressure. This is because the earth's gravity holds the oxygen close to the surface — so much so that half of the oxygen in the atmosphere is found below 18,000 feet. For comparison, Mount Everest is about 29,000 feet”

Also, just as an aside you weigh more at sea level than you do at 10,000 feet altitude.  About .8 pounds lighter up there.


The magic explanation comes from your father or mother or caregiver when you ask them for money, typically you’ll hear.  “What do you think I’m made of, MONEY!?  (Don’t answer it’s rhetorical.)  Or you’ll also hear, “Money doesn’t come from thin air or grow on trees.”  [If any of you find a money tree, call me and don’t tell anyone else.]


Your creative genius doesn’t come from thin air.  It comes from a wellspring within you.  It is a combination of brain working with heart working with spirit working with imagination.  A rare combination of items working together.

There are 7.4 billion people in the world.

There are approximately 281,300 people employed as an Authors, Writers, and Editors. (According to


This means you are approximately 0.00380135135 percent

That is 1 in 26,306 (without the decimals).  Of 26,306 people walking around you are the only one that is a writer.


You are unique, you are rare, you are a writer!


This is a Think Piece by David Alan Binder