The ways your characters interact...

posted May 16, 2019, 8:34 PM by David Alan Binder

The ways your characters interact give your story that oomph!

Then and only then it's compelling.


Your characters have ways in which they give away their agenda or their motivations.

Through their speech they invoke ideals, goals, intelligence, motivations, lack of intelligence.  Their face gives expression (unless they have good poker face) to what they desire, hatred, love, acceptance, worry, mood.

Their body language gives away (again unless they control it very well).  Studies of body language show when people tense, accept, lie, mood, and other characteristics.

As your characters think and feel, those thoughts and feelings control your characters and thus may lead them astray or lead them towards their real motivations.  Their actions speak louder than any words they may say and thus their actions may give away their true feelings.

Also, there are things that are unknown about characters.  She may or may not have urges that even she does not know about.  They are beyond her comprehension but they still motivate her and very strongly.

There are even those things that happened in the past that motivate the character and that they will never speak of since those issues are buried deep and they want no one to know about them.  Gradually your story will reveal some of this ambiguity and they will be surprises, perhaps even to your character.

Your expressive comments, questions and answers that you give to your characters will show the emotions of your characters and reveal more depth of that character.  If you do not have that then your story won’t be as compelling.  Only description moves your story towards the trash bin faster than anything else does.


Think about it.  A Think Piece by David Alan Binder