The Tiles

posted Jan 2, 2020, 2:38 PM by David Alan Binder

The Tiles


She liked patterns in her life and could see some that other could not see.  It made her unique and could even have been called her super power.

In a dream he saw at a gathering of people recently that she was noticing that as people sat down on the couch or nearby chairs the patterns made by their belts or pieces of tile around their waist.  Interesting he was able to see her gift and could feel the effect on her and the happiness in her mind.

The tiles were two by two and one quarter thick and had a background of spring green, then there were two shades of pink and two shades of gray and when turned one way or the other made a ribbon of pink or gray depending on which way it was turned.

It seemed she did not have a preference of pink or gray except that the pattern was revealed so in her mind she was flipping the pieces to make the patterns.  It was so soothing and relaxing and peaceful.  He could see a catch in her breath and the light in her eyes indicating her pleasure at accomplishing this task.  As more people gathered they brought their own tiles and the pattern kept emerging and he could see her begin to hesitate and stiffen when she thought the pattern was going to be broken or not going to be completed.

At the last minute he came closer and holding a tile decided to complete the pattern and see what she thought.  She watched him and as he neared and placed his pattern; her eyes lit up and she was enthralled and saw that he knew.

It was a touching moment and one that he was very glad to be able to give her.

Later they discussed it and she was very matter of fact that he could not be expected to carry tiles all the time just so that the pattern ended wonderfully.  She knew that she liked it when it did but in the real world she expected there to be many patterns that would be uncompleted to her satisfaction.  It was a fact of living.

He said that even though it meant that he carried an extra tile or more that he would continue to do it just to be able to give her that little boost of happiness.

She smiled and thanked him, but it ran deeper than that.  He was doing something out of the ordinary that took up some space in his pockets and would have to go out of his way to ensure that he had them.  He would and could do this for her.

She said, "You would do that for me?"  "Yes" he said definitely, "I would do that for you!"

This was a point of connection in their minds and ran far deeper than tiles.  It connected two people who knew they were able to make each other happy and went out of their way to ensure each other's happiness and did not treat it as a triviality.

It was a gift that showed, a small gift, a loving gift; the knowing of each other and caring for each other ran deep.  It ran very deep.

Please enjoy this original story written December 2019 by David Alan Binder.

May your 2020 be filled with joy, peace and a very deep love.