The Rabbit and the Hound

posted Sep 8, 2018, 7:46 AM by David Alan Binder

The Rabbit and the Hound


We all have a rabbit inside of us.  That rabbit is full of fear.  Constantly looking around and surveying the

 landscape for those things that will get us.  That will maybe hurt us.  That stalk us like failure.


There is also a hound inside of us.  That hound if full of bravado.  Constantly sniffing around for a good tidbit 

and surveying the landscape for other fun options.  That will be entertaining.  That give us something to do, 

but that end up in failure.


Let me introduce you to two people:


One is Ms. MaybeIWill

The other is Mr. EvenIfIDo


Ms. MaybeIWill is like the rabbit.  Planning, hoping and thinking about great things.  Maybe I will write a 

book.  Maybe I’ll be an author.  Maybe I’ll start a blog, article, short story, gain notoriety.  But Ms. 

MaybeIWill keeps thinking in the back of her mind, “Maybe I will fail”.

Mr. EvenIfIDo is like the hound.  Sniffing around looking for a great future, even writing down ideas, 

expanding on characters, taking pen to paper or fingers to computer and using them for sounding boards.  All 

the time, Mr. EvenIfIDo keeps thinking, If I write it, “Nobody will read it, even if I do.” If I write it, “Nobody 

will publish it, even if I do” If I write it, “Who will care, even if I do.” If I write it, “I will fail; even if I do”.

Chose either scenario and if you say to yourself, “Maybe I will fail” or “…, even if I do” then you will.  You 

have predestined yourself with your own thoughts.


As you think, then you are.




Which are you?

Ms. MaybeIWill


Mr. EvenIfIDo


Either one is certain of failure.  One is too timid and the other sabotages themselves with their pessimistic 



Let me introduce you to a third person.


Ima GonnaDoThis


Now Ima is a person, who doesn’t know if they can or can’t.  Ima isn’t even interested in failure.  Ima knows 

that experimenting yields results.  Results give one feedback and then corrections can be made and new 

experiments are implemented until, voila, success.


I started out and wondered at first if I would succeed or fail.  I decided that I would not think about that. 

I saw something that Jeff Goins wrote over three years ago.

He wrote, “You are a writer (so start acting like one)”

It struck me powerfully.  (thanks Jeff, now he has a book by the same name.)

So I just did it.

Neither success or failure were options, I just did it.

I experimented with a blog.  That did not work.  How could I interest people?  How could I reach out and hold 

their, this means you, Dear Writers and Dear Readers, attention?


I developed another experiment.  What if I asked authors some questions and they answered them?  That might be interesting.

As with any experiment, one develops a hypothesis or theory and then one puts it to the test.

I did.


In 2015, I performed two author interviews.  Granted I started in December, I was unknown, but I had to start 


In 2016, I performed 528 author interview and hundreds of articles.  I joined SCBWI Society of Children's 

Book Writers and Illustrators.  I started several Children’s Picture Books.

In 2017, I continue to interview authors and now I always will.  This is the main stay, however, I am writing 

so many more articles that my site is now article focused.  Now I call them a “Think Piece”. 


Food for thought, something to think about, something to discuss, to ruminate over.


Dear Readers and Dear Writers, most of all I write for me.  If you want to “listen” in then I welcome you.  A 

writer’s first audience is themselves, you, however, are a priority.  When I consider an article, I ask myself, “Is 

this interesting, to more than myself?”  So you rank first, so it is not really for me but for us.


I want to acknowledge, Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual collection of short stories, and especially the 

story named The Death Room and his sub-character, “Mr. Maybe They Will” and “Mr. Even If I Do.”