The publisher or agent turndown

posted Nov 18, 2018, 9:32 AM by David Alan Binder

The publisher or agent turndown


How many times have your article or novel been turned down?


It really doesn’t matter how many times you have been turned down, what matters is if you keep submitting your manuscript(s).


This determines if you succeed or not.


You have to have a stronger will and determination than those who are blocking your success.


Each time you learn something from the process.  Keep writing and practicing in case that is the reason for the exclusion. 


Remember keep positive.  They are turning down your manuscript; this is NOT a reflection or rejection of you personally. 


It MAY be a reflection of them or the day or the hour or they are looking for something different.  It does not mean that the manuscript is not good; 

it is based upon what they want.  Their threshold is different.


Hold steady to your course and do not be deterred!

I am on your side and will help you in whatever manner you like me to help you.  Send your manuscript to me.

(Note: you do not have to worry about me taking your idea since you will have time stamps and emails that show it is your product not mine; and I 

am ethical and promise never to take your product and use it.)


Send it to me with your expectations and I will help.  What do you have to lose?