The Easy Way and the Hard Way

posted Jun 20, 2019, 4:26 PM by David Alan Binder

The Easy Way and the Hard Way


Of course, when you see the above words you automatically have thoughts on the meaning of those words to you.


The connotations of those words are both implicit and explicit.


So rather, than review those words and possibly another meaning, let’s figure a way around the hard way and the easy way.


I believe there are many ways to do things.






There is always more than two sides in any situation.


Just because there is a hard way and an easy way does not mean those are you only two choices.


The easy way may be too easy and does not make you learn and grow and appreciate your “gains”.


The hard way may be too hard and the amount of effort is not worth your “gains”.


The methodology to employ is the one that works best for yourself and your learning pace and that helps you grow meaningfully and gainfully.


Try the middle path work your way around the two choices offered.


Many CEO’s and entrepreneurs are used to looking and figuring out a way to do things that others have not tried.


When there is a hard way and an easy way; beware, there may be other choices others have not thought of.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder