The Contagion

posted Mar 16, 2020, 2:51 PM by David Alan Binder

The Contagion


It is really not what you think it is.  The first thing you might think of is the pandemic that is going around but it is not.


The real contagion that you are living with is FEAR!


There is a tension in the air, I'm getting emails with the subject line "A Message from XXX" where XXX is a company that regularly emails me or that I may use from time to time.


Those messages are messages of fear.


Ignore the news.  How?  By limiting the news.  Don't have it on constantly.  Don't go there on your phone, don't read those messages.


I am sending you a message of calm.  You'll be alright.  If you get it then you will deal with it, but NOT NOW!  Wait until you get it to combat it.  Stocking up on food or toilet paper or whatever won't keep you from getting it.  Because your body is in HIGH TENSION and HIGH ALERT you may contract it due to that heightened state which may not allow your body to be able to be at its best at a time when it needs to be.


Relax.  Calm yourself.  Look up calming things on the internet, kittens playing; or bloopers or whatever.  By the way do our pets have fear from this contagion, NO!


A must have during this crisis is smiles, hugs, and love.  Yes, hugs.  Those are extremely important for our children, for our parents, for our loved ones.  The hugs say "I don't care about the contagion, I care about you."  "I recognize the need to connect and that is way more important than not giving hugs.  Hold your pet.  Do calming things, relax, read, write, think about the good things.  No bad thoughts are allowed.


They are in the moment as you should be. 

If you are in the now then the future doesn't matter.


I personally don't care if I get it or not.  I will still be me either way.  It will not change me or alter my behavior other than washing my hands more and being careful.  It will not rule me or my life.


We have 2 cruises schedule this year and it they do not cancel we will go on them and enjoy ourselves.  This will not stop us from having a good time.


In fact, maybe traveling and seeing some family far away is better now that the gas prices have gone down and hotels and etc. will be offering great deals.

If you have complicating conditions of health then you must exercise more care.  But there are things you can still do to connect, like Skype or some other kinds of connection.


Be calm in your mind, your heart and your body.  Be at peace.


Turn your attention away from the fear mongering.  It does not serve you.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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