That was Silly

posted Feb 12, 2019, 3:54 PM by David Alan Binder

That was Silly


Have you ever made a mistake? 


What was your self-talk like?


Did you swear? 


Did you call yourself names? 


How long did you feel badly? 


Did it affect your whole day? 


What did others say about the mistake?


Did they call you names or make you feel even worse or how did it affect their day?


Did any of the above stress you out?


How you deal with difficulties and mistakes define the person that you are?


Am I perfect at this?  NO!


Am I taking actions to correct this?  YES!


We all make mistakes.


Sometimes some pretty silly ones.


That’s right.   SILLY!




These mistakes and difficulties are NECESSARY!


Yes, absolutely NECESSARY!


They are VITAL to you to grow and learn and to be able to deal with them means you can deal with anything life throws at you.






Stop complaining.  Complaints are a non-action.


There is no time for that, now or ever.


Take a breath.  Learn to cope.  Take steps to prevent such mistakes and difficulties.


Some are able to be avoided.  Many are not.


Tell yourself, “I am beginning to be a problem solver.”


Tell yourself, “I am beginning to be in control of my situation.”


Tell yourself, “I am beginning to be the kind of person that I can be.”


Those affirmations.  Those positive thoughts will build on each other and help calm you and it you are not any of those, then it will let you start to see the real possibilities that are available in your life.


Then you will seek them out, and of course, take action.


Each positive step gets you somewhere.  If you are standing around waiting to see what to do, then you are doing nothing.


Put one foot (an action) in front of another (an action) and those actions become more powerful as they add up since we are going somewhere closer to where we should be.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder


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