Talent and Skill

posted Feb 9, 2020, 11:09 AM by David Alan Binder

Talent and Skill

Seth Godin recently wrote:

"You're born with talent.

You earn a skill."


I agree with that, some of us are more talented than others, but those of us that lack talent can surpass the talented ones by honing our skill and craft.

How do you do that?


Only practice makes you better at anything.  Just watching others do it may help some but very little until you actually practice.

As I have stated many times, action (in the form of practice) is the only form of skill honing available.


Get off of the couch, get out there and practice like crazy.  Most athletes, writers, band players, started with talent and then emphasized talent by building the skills to get marginally better every day.


Many a ball player has stated that they go out on the field to get better at the basics, and build their skills to a fever pitch.


Of course, they have passion.  Without passion to drive you, there is no drive and if there is no drive then there is no advancement.


Get passionate about something and then pursue it, by not wishing, hoping and all that but actually doing.


And do it every day, for minutes, for hours, for any time period that you are able to devote to it.


That devotion will propel you to be better and better leads to good leads to great leads to fantastic leads to results.


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