posted Feb 7, 2019, 3:42 PM by David Alan Binder



In order to read or write a story one must suspend one’s current ties to reality and enter the reality of the story.

There may be new worlds, new rules, and new patterns than those that occur in real life.

That is part of the fantasy and enjoyment of reading / writing.


Disconnecting from your current life, the problems, the issues, the situations; either good, bad or indifferent and entering a new life with new problems and new issues and new situations and all of them are fictional.  Thus, they are not yours; those issues, problems, situations and everything belong to the characters but yours to enjoy.


That is part of the difficulty of watching a story, show or movie.  Sometimes we have trouble suspending our reality that we have and entering theirs.


I find myself sometimes saying things like, “Oh, there is no way that can ever happen!” or “That is not real at all.”  No it isn’t, it is the stories reality not mine and I have let mine get in the way.


Why can’t it be like the reality in the story for just a moment, for however long the story lasts?


Just something to think about.

Another Think Piece by David Alan Binder