posted Jan 26, 2020, 12:13 PM by David Alan Binder



Every school, college, company, organization has a standard.


It dictates what they will accept and what they won't.


Some are very loose, some extremely tight and some common, some elite, some it is whatever they say it is.


I saw a sign that mentioned a company and it said "xxx quality."


What does that standard mean?  It means they have quality, but when they put their name in front of it, that modifies the noun quality and it becomes something else in that instance.


So if I say, "David Alan Binder quality!"  Then you peruse my website and find articles that are less than believable, misspellings, and poor grammar then you may think that my quality standard is not very high at all.

Be careful how accepting you are of standards that may not match or own or that have been modified to mean something other than a true quality standard.

Or benefit or whatever that modified noun may be.

Our benefit may not mean your benefit.

xyz craft may not be real craft work it is just their craft.


Modifiers fool us all the time.


Advertising does that a significant amount of time, but also individuals and politicians and organizations all do it.


It may not be a lie but it is definitely a modified truth.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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