Sooner or later everyone encounters a wall

posted Jun 4, 2019, 8:21 PM by David Alan Binder

Sooner or later everyone encounters a wall


Walls are a part of life. 


1.      Some walls are built by other people

2.      Some by ourselves

3.      Some by circumstances that are beyond your control


Let us deal with each one individually.  The divide and conquer method.


Some walls are built by other people.  Our parents, our siblings, our spouse or significant other, friends, other family, neighbors, even people who don’t know us sometimes block our way.


Some of the reasons can be:

They don’t want you to succeed.

They themselves will never amount to much, so why should you, so they subvert you.

They have no agenda, they are just bumblers who are in your way for no reason at all.

Why does any of the above matter?  Your analysis of the situation leads to a higher understanding.  Understanding yourself and others help you to deal with it.

Somethings are not worth dealing with, just ignore it and move on.

Somethings are worth dealing with, and you deal with them as logically as possible.  If emotion enters the equation then you are subverting yourself with them.  (It does not mean you can’t have feelings of anger, sadness, or whatever, but if you bring any of that to the issue, it can make the issue worse.)


Some walls are built by ourselves.  These are interesting walls and they tell you something about your personality and this is valuable insight.  Once you understand what about your self ascribes this trait to you.  You can then deal with it.  Fix it and move on.  If you don’t deal with it and fix it then you will always have a wall in front of you.


Some walls are built by circumstances that are beyond your control.

Understand that circumstances are there to be dealt with.  If you are someone in your family have a health issue then deal with the issue or work with it so that you can continue on your path to success.


If it is a publisher or agent or other force that stops you then, use someone or some other publisher.


The analysis is the answer to the wall paralysis.


You using your own brain can figure it out.  Use the “try this and if that don’t work then I’ll try something else method” like Edison did with the light bulb.  Each try gets you closer to something that works.


You are an inventor.  It is up to you to control the experiment enough to find out what works and what doesn’t work.  Every writer does this.  The only writer that is not a writer are the ones that stop and quit and don’t write.


Don’t add yourself to those legions of people who aspire.  Doers are writers.  Acton eliminates inaction and the elimination of inaction is the writers greatest tool


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder