Sine Qua Non

posted Oct 20, 2019, 10:50 AM by David Alan Binder

Sine Qua Non


According to Google pronounced, “si·ne qua non /ˌsinā ˌkwä ˈnōn, sinē ˌkwä ˈnän/”

It is a noun and a Latin term.

“an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary.”


And according to Wikipedia: “is an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient. It was originally a Latin legal term for "[a condition] without which it could not be", or "but for..." or "without which [there is] nothing". "Sine qua non causation" is the formal terminology for "but-for causation"”


So the question is, “What is sene qua non for you?

In other words, “What is an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary for you?


What inspires you?  What motivates you?  What must you do that you cannot live without?  (other than the bodily functions of living, breathing, eating, sleeping, etc.)


Things that you absolutely must do.  I just read in a book that the body tends to take care of itself.  If lactic acid were to allow to build up in your body it would kill you.  Yawning helps to wake you up; it is a way that the body compensates automatically for you.  Sweating is a way to regulate our body temperature and sneezing also protects us.  We have an immune system that works marvelously.  Fever helps to burn some toxicity out of our body from sickness (of course, as long as it is not too high).

Our bodies have natural barriers, for instance, mucous membranes, tears, earwax, mucus, skin, stomach acid.

There are tasks that I have to perform each day, like brush my teeth, shave, normal cleanliness tasks, and then there are house tasks like vacuuming, mowing, etc.


Our physiology and our psychology makes us who and what we are.  It is an excellent thing to be self-aware and knowledgeable about your motivations and drives.


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