Seth Godin is absolutely brilliant!!!!

posted May 7, 2019, 6:16 PM by David Alan Binder

Seth Godin is absolutely brilliant!!!!


I am finding that if I surround myself with BRILLIANCE that eventually some of it rubs off.


I absorb articles from various places but the main feature is relevance to what I am doing (writing and developing well thought out, imaginative ideas), intellectualism (I enjoy learning while I am being bathed in wisdom and piquing my curiosity and probing the depths of my understanding) in an effort to constantly reach far beyond by current capacity.


Ever since we were babies, we have been absorbing knowledge and wisdom at an intense pace.  This continues during school, play, teenage-hood and adulthood (some adults stop after receiving their diploma but if they are smart they continue learning the rest of their life). 

This constant education and learning should happen every day.  If not we stagnate.


Seth has spoken to me via his blogs and videos many times.

This particular video is worth listening to many times.  Not everything he says is a gem, but there are so many that it is worth listening to all of it.


*Make sure you get to the part that describes how everything, humans and animals gage “Who eats first?”


**Plus, you have to hear about how to “Ignore some clowns!”  This is the best one piece of advice you will ever hear.

* And ** are both in the Q and A portion of the video.


I am on my third listen and may listen even more.


A Think Piece by Seth Godin and David Alan Binder