Self-Neglect and Self-Abuse

posted Sep 25, 2019, 4:30 PM by David Alan Binder

Self-Neglect and Self-Abuse


The abuse in the world seems to be compounding as we read or hear about the news.  The two forms of abuse that are not mentioned usually are Self-Neglect and Self-Abuse.

Whether it is abuse by infliction through an addiction of some type or just plain procrastination which ends up as us not meeting deadlines, etc. which is just plain abusing yourself.


Self-neglect is apparent since you can see people that don’t take care of themselves.  Overweight fits in this category and unwashed bodies and clothes and other apparent self-neglect items like not brushing teeth, no deodorant, shoes worn down, etc.

Also, included in the self-abuse and neglect category is being dominated by your phone.  Not having the restraint to not keep checking your phone for the latest FacePlant information, to news, to sports, etc.  So many things that fit into this category, if there is an app then it can be abused.  Even texting.


Take care of yourself.  Exercise regularly, watch what you eat – use the 80 -20 rule; which is eating right 80% of the time and then indulging a little 20% of the time.  Meditate, read, yoga, write, walk, do things with people; like your son, daughter, spouse, significant other, grandkids, nieces and nephews, etc.  Lack of people interaction is a form of self-isolation; you need other people and better yet have stimulating discussions.  (Not politics or religion – there are other things to discuss.)

The non-aggression principle, philosophy, while doing this use the 5-5-5 rule.  One of you talks for 5 minutes and the other talks for 5 minutes (use a timer and don’t go over your limit) then discuss it between the group for 5 minutes.  That works especially well for working out couples issues.  No long winded diatribes or scolding.


A heart to heart discussion without animosity is scarce and brings you closer not further form others.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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