posted Feb 5, 2019, 4:16 PM by David Alan Binder



Your eyes are a precious asset.  Without them we both could not be writing and reading articles, etc.


Yet, we take them for granted sometimes.


If you cannot see another person’s point of view then you cannot see at all.  You are literally blind to other perceptions and possibilities other than your own.


That, my Dear Readers and Dear Writers, is myopic.


Being able to see another’s point of view enables you to think about things in the round.  Spherically, the world around you has many points of view.  Scientists and inventors have to able to think outside the box.  Their perspective has lead to so many inventions and achievements for person-kind.  They have kept is moving forward into the future at a extremely fast pace as well as made life so much easier.


Being able to be aware of changes in the environment, relationships, work situations, friends allows you glimpses into other worlds that some cannot even imagine.  Others can be oblivious; we cannot afford to be oblivious.

Otherwise we are literally zombies, not able to think, just keep doing the same things and reacting on instinct.  Instinct is not learning; it is habitual; it traps us to be myopic and keep doing the same things we always have been doing.  It does not allow us to learn from our behavior and more importantly the behavior of others.


Seeing does not allow us to see our blind spots. We have blind spots which is why we can be blindsided.  Being blindsided can hurt.


We need others to see, to reflect back to us, to enable us to learn about our blind spots.

It enables us to perfect those things that we cannot see.  That is why we need proofreaders, editors and writing groups.


That is why we need friends to let us know about our behaviors that may be hurtful or disrespectful or rude or just plain silly.


I would want to know if I have a piece of fuzz on my clothes which I cannot see so I can remove it.

I want to know if I’ve accidently left my zipper down.

I want to know if any of my traits can be improved.  (chewing with my mouth open, being thoughtless, etc.)


There are many things we can learn from others.  Learning how to do some things we don’t currently know how to do and some things we don’t need to be doing and some things that we are doing and possibly should not do.


Let’s help each other.  Help me to see what I don’t see and I’ll help you to see what you don’t see.

Become a member of my improvement group and we’ll improve together.


Send me what you are writing, what you think about, ideas for articles or improvements for my articles and let’s bounce ideas, articles and just plain work together.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder