posted May 14, 2019, 4:41 PM by David Alan Binder



Resistance is defined as “The refusal to accept or comply with something” or “The ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely”.


During WW2 there was an organized resistance in many countries to fight those enemies who had conquered those countries of Europe.


That resistance offered a slow drag on those enemies, an annoyance that would take tiny bites to weaken, and subvert the enemy.


As a writer you  will encounter RESISTANCE.  Steven Pressfield discuss this in his book, “The War of Art.”


He lets us know that it is a continual obstacle that we as artists must continually overcome.


So let us examine RESISTANCE and disassemble it and expose it for exactly what it is.


It is a beast, a monster, an insidious force inside of us and therefore it is invisible.  We can feel it and its presence.  It is the driver when we don’t consciously rip the wheel out of its evil hands and it is up to us to not let it derail us, drive us off the road, hurt us (egoically) or stop us from getting to our destination.


It has the same motivators and driving force as our addictions, our vices, those drugs that would pull us away from our responsibilities to those we love.

It personally what to hurt US, YOU and ME, whom we should love.


If it is a monster then it has weaknesses.


Resistance is fear.  Do not be afraid of fear.  Stare it down and examine it.  Name the fear.  Is this fear your mother or father saying you’ll never amount to anything?  Is it a former teacher or friend that scoffed at you and said detrimental and hurtful things?  Is it yourself and you are self-sabotaging yourself?  Maybe it whispers, you’ll screw this up.  You’ll have to do it all over again.  It won’t look good, or it won’t measure up, or it will be worthless.


It will whisper anything to get you to stop creating and to do something else.  If comes in the forms of “look at this” or look at that”, “oh, there’s an email or a text or a good article, or research this on the internet and then look here” until you are so far off track you don’t know how you got to somewhere else other than where you intended to go.


Once you define exactly who resistance it, what it is, what fear it is (an emotion wheel can be helpful) then you can effectively combat it.


Resistance forces use tools stolen from the “enemy”, so steal from resistance.  Whisper to yourself in positive terms.  “I’ll stop after an hour.”  “I’ll just write this chapter then I’ll go do x, y, z.”  “Let me do this first then I’ll do that little thing that is really nothing.”  Maybe better yet, examine resistance and say aloud, I know you!  I recognize you!  I see what you are trying to do!

Confront it, face it down and that will weaken it until it has no hold over you.


This is all a psychological phenomena that when you break it down and examine it under your mental microscope.  You will see that it is really not much of anything, yet it held such power until you did this experiment and exposed it.


It will run away like shadows from light.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder