posted Dec 10, 2019, 10:07 AM by David Alan Binder



Your brain is wired to see patterns.


This helps you with repetitive tasks, for learning what works and what does not work.


It helps you recognize abuse, solve personal and other puzzles.


It helps you to develop in a cognitive and misleading clues to behavior, and absurd issues that do not matter.


It lets you see the root.


If your cognitive system is distorted then you are hampered, even handicapped in your recognition.


One of the first things one should recognize is that when there is confusion in your mind about the behavior of a person then that is a red flag.  Analyze it and determine why you feel that way.  Usually it is a warning that you should be wary of that person or at least that particular behavior of that individual.


Knowing and recognizing patterns helps us in so many ways from how to tell a poisonous snake from one that is not, to determining whether a plant should be avoided or eaten.  We use rhymes to help us remember these patterns, “leaves of three, let it be”, etc.


Let us all see and recognize those patterns that will help us or hinder us.


It is vital to our lives and our well-being.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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