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I am reading “The Testament” by Eric Van Lustbader.  It has a lot of vision and principles within it.


“A ‘mistake’ is something mechanical-a wrong way of acting, maneuvering, thinking.  A mistake is a surface thing.  But beneath the surface-where loss manifests itself-that’s where you must begin.


Reread this again and again.  Think about it.  How can you apply this piece of logic?  Does it make sense?  What does it mean to you?


I’ve read it and now copied it, several times.  It has deep meaning for me.  Maybe for you too.  If I tell you what it means to me that may keep it from speaking to you and you learning something very meaningful to you.


So I won’t disclose what it means to me.  If you answer, the questions above after reading and rereading you’ll make some discoveries and even gain some insights and that is the real privilege of reading and studying and learning.


Learning for yourself.  Learning from within yourself.  This leads to discipline and order and perspective that only you can gain for yourself.


This allows you to advance into higher thinking, to go as it were from high school to college.  To rotate and finger and manipulate that piece of information and glean out of it exactly what you needed to learn.


This way you are not spoon-fed.


This is higher thinking and allows you to expand your mind and knowledge and thoughtfulness.


A lovely idea!


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