posted Feb 14, 2019, 5:00 PM by David Alan Binder



There are so many loopholes that there are literally too many to count.

The following Google search “currently used loopholes in government in the USA” link will show you many of them:



And they exist in almost every sector of our life.


Certain people and entities are allowed to get away with a list that is very, very long.  Actually, those certain people think they are entitled by name, rank, money, celebrity and other reasons.


Dear Readers and Dear Writers, what do these loopholes have to do with you, you may ask.


Yes, I have a point.


You also are entitled.  Your education, your intelligence, your crafting, entitles you to write.


Practicing and studying the craft entitles you to remarkable skill and success.


Measurements of success are not bestsellers, quantity, making money, getting accolades and awards and rewards.


Success is measured in small increments each day, each week, each month, etc. over many years.


It is the determination to continue forward incrementally with usually little fanfare.


Let us work together to compound your success.


Be sure to write me and let’s collaborate.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder