Let’s Examine the Breadcrumbs

posted Sep 1, 2019, 8:25 AM by David Alan Binder

Let’s Examine the Breadcrumbs


Which is, basically, the trail behind you.  What are you leaving in your wake?  This should be results from a string of actions, not well; I sent two emails and surfed the internet.  Those are not results those are inactivity with no results.


Inactivity hinder us from doing activities that have results.


Hansel and Gretel used this technique, although the results were less than stellar.  When birds can eat your method of direction for returning then a change of method is called for.


One must examine first the methodology and the techniques of leaving trails and how one may return to where one came from; if that is the desired objective.


The psychology of you is rooted in your childhood.  Your combination of emotional literacy (which by the way, is waaay more important than your literacy), educating yourself about yourself and other humans is extremely important.

Healing yourself is extremely important.  We have all suffered abuse at the hands of others, family, friends, even a mother or father who did not understand how to handle some situations or issues, siblings, people who we thought were guardians, or mentors or professionals.  PTSD can be experienced in a non-combat situation.  (Listen to Richard Grannon – Spartan Life Coach, he has some amazing insight.)  ComplexPTSD or CPTSD is an additional burden which you may be experiencing.


I am sure Hansel and Gretel have CPTSD from experiencing what appeared to be a kindly old woman offering them shelter and food, to a witch who wanted to eat them.  The very act that those children had to kill her to protect themselves is appalling.


You’ve undergone appalling situations and issues as well.


Heal yourself and then your will have happy trails.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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