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No, Legos do not sponsor me.  Wouldn’t that be great?


So, here is the scoop.  Legos are a quintessential toy!  Versatile.  Fun.  Let’s kids and adults use their minds and are very tactile and encourages higher thinking power.


Also, they are going to be part of this analogy that I’m building.


As a writer, you are supposed to take the building blocks you have learned to churn out stories, novels and books.


You can take those blocks that you’ve learned and build whatever you desire.  Some things you build will clearly be for your own pleasure.  Some things you build may reflect a rigid following of instructions that make it sound so similar to another story that few will care for it, if it even sees that light of day.


The best use of the tools of learning that you have is to build something that follows the framework of what other story leaders have said works and to fashion a masterpiece that inspires all to look at it and say, “That’s fantastic!”


Sounds easy to do but as with Legos almost everything under the sun has been built so one has to be very clever to come up with a story or novel that is mindblowing and will reach an audience.


A daunting task, but, HEY, you’ve been building for quite a while now so make sure you talk with other builders (writers) and get their vote of approval.  Of course and agent and publisher to work with is great but, of course, after it is built with all the pieces in place.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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