Lane Check

posted Feb 24, 2019, 9:31 AM by David Alan Binder

Lane Check


Are you checking over your shoulders?


Checks are very important.  I’ve been guilty of attempting to move over a lane and thought I’d looked but evidently not good enough since a vehicle in the next lane honked me.  It is aggravating that I didn’t see them when I thought I had looked.  I’ve done it and others have not performed a good enough lane check and I had to honk at them.


It happens from time to time and you vow to be more careful.  Especially at high speeds it can be dangerous.


Careful of your blind spots.


Those places that you thought you could see but maybe cannot see quite well enough.


Sometimes we can avoid accidents and sometimes we can’t.


I am here to help you avoid accidents and things you may not be aware of.  Things that you need to know but don’t.


We can all learn from each other.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder